Saturday, March 29, 2008


Two days ago, another batch of students graduated from the university where I came from. And it included a few people I knew; some happened to be part of my staff in the publication where I wrote and worked during my four year stay in the university.

And some of them will soon text me again asking me for possible job opportunities where I could fit them in.
Finally after 8 years, my co-teacher Mimi is now pregnant. Days before I learned that, I was still kidding with Teacher Mimi when she said she was 10 days behind the schedule and I said “hala, bata na yan.” And on Monday, it’s confirmed that she is indeed pregnant.

But on the other hand my former staff writer Jem is also expecting her first child. It was a surprise news that was revealed to me by my former staff writer Michael and it brought different reactions from the two of us. to think that Jem is just fresh out of college.

In a few weeks, my best pal Apple will give birth to her son. And it's another thing that will gear her up for the responsibilities will soon pour in when the baby comes.

On the other hand I'm here. 23, single, childless (as of now) and too career driven. But I'm having a good time in my life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I Need To Know I Learned Before 24

In the midst of being so pissed off and out of my head over lots of things that were mostly annoying, I thought of writing these things while immersing on Norah Jones’ music playing on my CD ROM drive. Lessons that I simply read before and never though that could give me so much---that it even transformed me to who I am now. Things that what I thought before were just fine existing but now as I read it again and think of it find to be something that makes sense.

  1. You may be disappointed to fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.
I am not a risk taker ever since. For when I do, I always anticipate what’s gonna happen next--- and it’s usually the awful aspect of the endeavor. And yes, it came to cost a lot especially possible opportunities. But as I came to give it a try, I never lost anything. Instead I gained something.

  1. When faced with a decision, DECIDE. If caught with a choice, CHOOSE.
In everything, there are simply two sides; the good and bad; up and down; left or right; right and wrong. To everything there are just two choices that one has to make. I learned that in every circumstance, there are simply two choices---YES or NO. Either way could do harm or good, make you or break you.

  1. Who you are today is the product of the choices and decisions you made from day to day.
If I decided not to push through with my degree, I won’t be the one that I am today. I could be someone else far different from the one creating and managing three websites and sharing thoughts over my online journals. But I decided to go on with it and follow the whims of my mind. And here I am, fulfilled and blissful with my chosen craft.

  1. If you let one stupid crap ruin your life, then you are not the one I thought you were.
These classy words from Legally Blonde are really a great morale booster; sometimes opportunities and great decisions are hampered because of opinions from other people that could shake your decision. That I learned not to listen to every word they say for sometimes, even a friend’s advice could send uncertain signals to the universe. Or in another way, if I simply let other people bully me around, they’ll get used to that for they see me as someone who doesn’t have that courage to fight back. Yes I used to think that I am an underdog. But now I start to realize that I am not. For I am transforming myself to someone else that I should become fearless and confident (but not overconfident). I learned that sometimes I also need to step on their feet to know that I exist and that I can also fight back.

  1. Courage isn’t having the strength to go on; it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.
In the midst of discerning over something, these words strucked me. I am no brave girl when it comes to confronting my feelings but then I had to settle the “what ifs” in my head and how will I conclude those “what ifs” if I’ll simply sit and look around. When I tried, I lost but when I let my courage steer me, I won my battle and it felt good.

  1. I am a writer in a country where no one reads.
Yes. It’s so ironic that I am a writer but some are reluctant if not lazy to read or even care about things that exist but then, I have other thoughts that the world should know and I should share to other people. Regardless if they don’t or do want to hear it.

  1. I am making sense to the world.
In my own little way, regardless of the circumstance or even if I walk like a penguin far different from normal people, I exist (and walk like a penguin) for a reason. I have a purpose that I need not question what because I knew it and I confidently work on it day by day. Forget the atribida-walang modong yaya, the bossy cousin, that daily traffic and people who has the tendency to misquote me. I know I have other things to care about; I am doing my best to fulfill my purpose and it’s far more important than other things.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Then Comes The Laughing Part

For almost two months now I have served as a teacher. And being one is full of both good and bad times; of breeze and storms and different things. I have encountered different kinds of students from different ages (currently, my oldest student is 52 years old and the youngest is 11).

And in those two months, I have had a few good servings of a gag show in my class composed of mostly guy students. These are some of them:

From my former student Sam:
Sam says: Teacher,heellpp!!!!
Glaiza says: Why?
Sam says: Sorry teacher. I missed "o" I was supposed to type hello.

From my student James Park:
Glaiza says: so in that case, maybe you're a cool dad.
James says: what do you mean cool dad? I can't understand....
Glaiza says: okay never mind. (in my mind I'm saying God, Korean ka nga pala at beginner dapat ang English lesson!)

From my student Chris:
Glaiza says: okay, if you'll say this sentence and use the name Bruce it will be what?
Chris says: I don't have it maybe you can borrow Batman's.
Glaiza says: okay (smiling)
Chris says: but teacher, Batman's name is Bruce.
Glaiza says: =**nothing=** (the truth is I was not familiar of Batman's real name. Stupid teacher huh!)

From my student Cecilia:Cecilia says: Teacher, you have a boyfriend?
Glaiza says: Why James (her son's name who's also the same age as me and who also happened to be my former student) doesn't have a girlfriend?
Cecilia says: No. He's busy with study. Why
Glaiza says: (almost shouting) mommy!!!!

...and the funniest not to mention a bit "kakahiya" moment of all:

From my student Jae:
Jae says: teacher, do you have many bamboos in your country:
Glaiza says: what? bombers?
Jae says: no teacher, I mean bamboo. The plant.
Glaiza says: oh, I'm sorry I thought you were asking bombers I thought terrorists...(maybe I should really clean my ears well!)

See. I myself even realize the good side of the job. Yes at times it's tiring but it's still good at some point.

Go ahead and laugh. I admit I still have my silly, stupid side. It simply shows up during the wrong timing.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Almost Left This Entry Untitled

This article was supposed to be published on Feb. 27, 2008 but I just had it done today while having a bout with colds.

I reported to the interview and my class tonight with a feeling that I never slept at all. I guess I was too overwhelmed with all the things going inside my head; teaching and a prospect of having that dream job that I have been waiting for three years hopefully coming true. I received the call I have been patiently waiting for for weeks and finally I got to receive it at 5:22 pm Feb.26 on my way to my part time job. And this afternoon was the panel interview; with the editors. 3 bubbly girls were there talking to me about lots of things----including the job and the scope of it. Frances was the editor's name. I quite knew her because I have been reading her blog and it's one of my favorite blogs. I used to see her in her blog Topaz Horizon and in the magazine Marie Claire with her article I Proposed to My Man published in June 2007. She's really beautiful; the same beautiful girl wearing a gorgeous wedding gown in the magazine. When she asked me about the magazines of Summit Media that I read, she asked me why Cosmo, and when she knew that I also read Smart Parenting and Good Housekeeping while the two other editors were asking me are you a mother already and things like that, I told her these:

"That's the irony of it. There are times that I also think that why in the
world am I doing this. While those women my age are reading Cosmopolitan or
Seventeen I on the other hand already reads Smart Parenting and Good
And her response was this:
"Subconsciously you want to get married, have kids and be a mother."

And she's right with that. (sigh!) And as to the proposing thing, she gave me a piece of advice:
Try to give him a game console (aka PS3) and he won't say NO.I had undergone three steps to the fulfillment of my lifelong dream of working with them. I'm taking things one step at a time and armed with my prayer of thanks and petition to St. Jude, I'm hoping and praying for a positive response. A positive YES to something that I have long been waiting for. And I hope that this is part of God's Plan for my life.

A Sincere Thought on Marriage

" When a woman is afraid to ask his man, she should consider their relationship. There should be no fear for rejection. For if you love each other, where will your relationship lead but towards marriage. If you're scared to ask your man, it's because deep down you know that he is not going to marry you."
These words from OK magazine's editor Frances Amper-Sales from the Marie Claire magazine article I Proposed to My Man really hit me that I decided to jot it down and ponder on it. I also had been thinking of doing the same thing as Frances did---proposing with the hopes that G will probably come to his senses and realize that I have been waiting for a very long time, and that I am damn serious about getting married.

Probably Frances has a point. G may really have no plans of marrying me because of his reasons; reasons like he's really enjoying the company of his friends (and a new girl I know) and devoting too much in other things rather than consuming his time to think about entering/planning to or even marrying me.

I guess that was why I never tried to "propose" to him the same way as Frances did to Vince. It could be my woman's intuition that is telling me to think things out. Behind my fondness in Pugad Baboy books, I am still a woman who at 23 is serious about getting married in two (or in the maximum three) years.

Maybe Frances was right. If I'm afraid to ask my man, it's because deep down G has no plans of marrying me. For if I am not feeling that way, why in the world do I find myself most of the time hoping for the one that I deserve? I always ask God to send me someone who's going to ask me to marry him for all the right reasons.

I might be young at 23 but I know what I want. Getting married and living blissfully with someone I deserve and who deserves me the same way. And I am serious about that.