Saturday, March 29, 2008


Two days ago, another batch of students graduated from the university where I came from. And it included a few people I knew; some happened to be part of my staff in the publication where I wrote and worked during my four year stay in the university.

And some of them will soon text me again asking me for possible job opportunities where I could fit them in.
Finally after 8 years, my co-teacher Mimi is now pregnant. Days before I learned that, I was still kidding with Teacher Mimi when she said she was 10 days behind the schedule and I said “hala, bata na yan.” And on Monday, it’s confirmed that she is indeed pregnant.

But on the other hand my former staff writer Jem is also expecting her first child. It was a surprise news that was revealed to me by my former staff writer Michael and it brought different reactions from the two of us. to think that Jem is just fresh out of college.

In a few weeks, my best pal Apple will give birth to her son. And it's another thing that will gear her up for the responsibilities will soon pour in when the baby comes.

On the other hand I'm here. 23, single, childless (as of now) and too career driven. But I'm having a good time in my life.

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