Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Sincere Thought on Marriage

" When a woman is afraid to ask his man, she should consider their relationship. There should be no fear for rejection. For if you love each other, where will your relationship lead but towards marriage. If you're scared to ask your man, it's because deep down you know that he is not going to marry you."
These words from OK magazine's editor Frances Amper-Sales from the Marie Claire magazine article I Proposed to My Man really hit me that I decided to jot it down and ponder on it. I also had been thinking of doing the same thing as Frances did---proposing with the hopes that G will probably come to his senses and realize that I have been waiting for a very long time, and that I am damn serious about getting married.

Probably Frances has a point. G may really have no plans of marrying me because of his reasons; reasons like he's really enjoying the company of his friends (and a new girl I know) and devoting too much in other things rather than consuming his time to think about entering/planning to or even marrying me.

I guess that was why I never tried to "propose" to him the same way as Frances did to Vince. It could be my woman's intuition that is telling me to think things out. Behind my fondness in Pugad Baboy books, I am still a woman who at 23 is serious about getting married in two (or in the maximum three) years.

Maybe Frances was right. If I'm afraid to ask my man, it's because deep down G has no plans of marrying me. For if I am not feeling that way, why in the world do I find myself most of the time hoping for the one that I deserve? I always ask God to send me someone who's going to ask me to marry him for all the right reasons.

I might be young at 23 but I know what I want. Getting married and living blissfully with someone I deserve and who deserves me the same way. And I am serious about that.

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