Sunday, March 16, 2008

Then Comes The Laughing Part

For almost two months now I have served as a teacher. And being one is full of both good and bad times; of breeze and storms and different things. I have encountered different kinds of students from different ages (currently, my oldest student is 52 years old and the youngest is 11).

And in those two months, I have had a few good servings of a gag show in my class composed of mostly guy students. These are some of them:

From my former student Sam:
Sam says: Teacher,heellpp!!!!
Glaiza says: Why?
Sam says: Sorry teacher. I missed "o" I was supposed to type hello.

From my student James Park:
Glaiza says: so in that case, maybe you're a cool dad.
James says: what do you mean cool dad? I can't understand....
Glaiza says: okay never mind. (in my mind I'm saying God, Korean ka nga pala at beginner dapat ang English lesson!)

From my student Chris:
Glaiza says: okay, if you'll say this sentence and use the name Bruce it will be what?
Chris says: I don't have it maybe you can borrow Batman's.
Glaiza says: okay (smiling)
Chris says: but teacher, Batman's name is Bruce.
Glaiza says: =**nothing=** (the truth is I was not familiar of Batman's real name. Stupid teacher huh!)

From my student Cecilia:Cecilia says: Teacher, you have a boyfriend?
Glaiza says: Why James (her son's name who's also the same age as me and who also happened to be my former student) doesn't have a girlfriend?
Cecilia says: No. He's busy with study. Why
Glaiza says: (almost shouting) mommy!!!!

...and the funniest not to mention a bit "kakahiya" moment of all:

From my student Jae:
Jae says: teacher, do you have many bamboos in your country:
Glaiza says: what? bombers?
Jae says: no teacher, I mean bamboo. The plant.
Glaiza says: oh, I'm sorry I thought you were asking bombers I thought terrorists...(maybe I should really clean my ears well!)

See. I myself even realize the good side of the job. Yes at times it's tiring but it's still good at some point.

Go ahead and laugh. I admit I still have my silly, stupid side. It simply shows up during the wrong timing.

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