Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I Need To Know I Learned Before 24

In the midst of being so pissed off and out of my head over lots of things that were mostly annoying, I thought of writing these things while immersing on Norah Jones’ music playing on my CD ROM drive. Lessons that I simply read before and never though that could give me so much---that it even transformed me to who I am now. Things that what I thought before were just fine existing but now as I read it again and think of it find to be something that makes sense.

  1. You may be disappointed to fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.
I am not a risk taker ever since. For when I do, I always anticipate what’s gonna happen next--- and it’s usually the awful aspect of the endeavor. And yes, it came to cost a lot especially possible opportunities. But as I came to give it a try, I never lost anything. Instead I gained something.

  1. When faced with a decision, DECIDE. If caught with a choice, CHOOSE.
In everything, there are simply two sides; the good and bad; up and down; left or right; right and wrong. To everything there are just two choices that one has to make. I learned that in every circumstance, there are simply two choices---YES or NO. Either way could do harm or good, make you or break you.

  1. Who you are today is the product of the choices and decisions you made from day to day.
If I decided not to push through with my degree, I won’t be the one that I am today. I could be someone else far different from the one creating and managing three websites and sharing thoughts over my online journals. But I decided to go on with it and follow the whims of my mind. And here I am, fulfilled and blissful with my chosen craft.

  1. If you let one stupid crap ruin your life, then you are not the one I thought you were.
These classy words from Legally Blonde are really a great morale booster; sometimes opportunities and great decisions are hampered because of opinions from other people that could shake your decision. That I learned not to listen to every word they say for sometimes, even a friend’s advice could send uncertain signals to the universe. Or in another way, if I simply let other people bully me around, they’ll get used to that for they see me as someone who doesn’t have that courage to fight back. Yes I used to think that I am an underdog. But now I start to realize that I am not. For I am transforming myself to someone else that I should become fearless and confident (but not overconfident). I learned that sometimes I also need to step on their feet to know that I exist and that I can also fight back.

  1. Courage isn’t having the strength to go on; it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.
In the midst of discerning over something, these words strucked me. I am no brave girl when it comes to confronting my feelings but then I had to settle the “what ifs” in my head and how will I conclude those “what ifs” if I’ll simply sit and look around. When I tried, I lost but when I let my courage steer me, I won my battle and it felt good.

  1. I am a writer in a country where no one reads.
Yes. It’s so ironic that I am a writer but some are reluctant if not lazy to read or even care about things that exist but then, I have other thoughts that the world should know and I should share to other people. Regardless if they don’t or do want to hear it.

  1. I am making sense to the world.
In my own little way, regardless of the circumstance or even if I walk like a penguin far different from normal people, I exist (and walk like a penguin) for a reason. I have a purpose that I need not question what because I knew it and I confidently work on it day by day. Forget the atribida-walang modong yaya, the bossy cousin, that daily traffic and people who has the tendency to misquote me. I know I have other things to care about; I am doing my best to fulfill my purpose and it’s far more important than other things.

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