Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mad About The Mag

Saturday weekend. The past week was full of jumbles, surprises and happy things. It was yesterday too when I realized the amateur photographer in me. Yipee! A new career. And as I was toying with my brother's Canon 300D camera and the past issues of T&D Highlights (the mag where I have been writing for two years) scattered over my bed, the though came into my head, why not give each one a solo shot--just like documenting my two-year "love affair" with the magazine.

So after one hour sweating out and struggling for the best angles, these are what came out of my first shot as an amateur. I know I'm not that good at it yet and I still need my brother's help in befriending his camera so I apologize for the not-so nice shots.


So this was the first issue when I debuted writing for them in 2006. Fresh from graduating in college and resigning from my job as an editorial assistant, I was invited by my former professor Sir Ariel Vidanes who was working for MMLDC Foundation Inc to write for their HR magazine and I welcomed the idea well. To the point that I have been too immersed in it for two years now. And for that first assignment, I wrote a sidebar article about online school operations. It was followed by the next issue which featured a fast-growing industry as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility theme in the 3rd issue. Sadly I needed to say bye-bye for the meantime to attend to other job-related matters. I wrote for 3 issues for that year.

After some failed attempts in the BPO world, Sir Ariel asked if I want to be a project based-transcriptionist for one of their projects and again I said YES. And together with the transcribing job, I also asked if the idea to write for the mag is still welcomed to which he gave a positive reply. So in the first quarter of 2007, I started rolling my ideas in.

In line with the upcoming elections in May, the company released the issue on Responsible Citizenship. It's one of my favorite issues ever because...

I got to write a full-page book review about the books of author Bob Ong!It was the first time I got to consume a page of the magazine for my article and it was the sign that I was waiting. That this is going to continue! The start or big projects and making it big time! Weeks after the release of this issue, Sir Ariel handed me a faxed mail from a happy client who was asking for additional copies to be sent to his associates.

This was the third quarter issue of T & D Highlights which featured Smart Telecom's big boss Polly Nazareno on the cover. It was a familiar issue for the material used for Leadership Beakthroughs was actually his speech during the Management Workshop in MMLDC in April---the speech which was transcribed by me! Oh and another thing, I was assigned to write about the improvements in the Aviary too included in that issue. Funny thing, I was doing my ocular visit in the midst of a rainy day and I forgot my umbrella in the studio. Thank God, someone from the housekeeping came to the rescue and offered me her umbrella.

And this issue is my second favorite. Released just in time for Christmas, I was then given the chance too to work in MMLDC as a coordinator and it was such a blessing too. Aside from that I also got to close a deal with Sir Ariel looking out for someone in th media to answer one question and thank God for Mr. Nestor Cuartero of the Philippine Panorama who obliged to represent his colleagues from the media. And one more thing...


VPE said...

good day! we've chanced upon your blog, and we're really interested to read the review that you made for Bob Ong's books.

is there any way you can provide us with a copy?

would really appreciate it. thanks!

Glaiza said...

Hello. Thanks for dropping by my page. I'll be glad to provide you a copy I'll simply need to check first if there's still an available issue. Kindly leave your address and the name of the recipient to whom I'll be sending the magazine.