Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thoughts On Regained Leadership

Two days now since I learned that MERALCO's leadership was not changed. I had been seriously watching and observing the developments on their leadership issue even if I am at work; reading through the newspaper, watching morning news and even asking people I know both in and out of MERALCO.
Of course, I have the right to know what has been happening about the company. For two years I have been working as a consultant with the said industry and I have been taking my job with them seriously. Yes, my family is one of the millions of customers availing the service of MERALCO and I also complain sometimes about our electric bill but I don't have any angst against the leadership of Mr. Manuel Lopez. I may not have had met him, but with my experience working for them as a resident consultant, I am in the same way as other employees happy in working with them.
And I am not welcoming the possibility of a government to a private entity that is being led by a business- oriented family. For 105 years it's the Lopezes that owned, ruled and maintained the company and being taken by a government entity is such an idiot's idea after all, in this country, what the government knows is not business but JUST PLAIN USELESS POLITICS AND CORRUPTION. To honestly say it, bilang sa daliri ang matitinong pulitiko sa Pilipinas and if they will take over a private entity, it will just crumble ito pieces of bankruptcy because of these crocodile politicians and government employees na luklukan sa pagkagahaman sa pera.
And if that's going to happen, I have decided that I'm going to leave. But for now, since the CEO is still my boss, I'm a bit at ease. I just hope the issue will clear up.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Shock Truth Factor

The past week was filled with shocking events. Despite of having a long weekend, I suppose, it was destined to happen in order for me to know some things when I just wasn't expecting to hear them.

Monday was my schedule to visit Antipolo to see the MMLDC people and to file my SOA for the magazine. Of course, aside from seeing the office and the "hotties" there are these new things. Roanne the former OJT is the new member of the gang and there's the messy halls and rooms anticipating to move to a new location within the vicinity.

But what rocked my world was Rye's revelation upon my questioning of why May 9 was their non-working holiday. It turned out that the date was set aside as a despedida. What shocked me more was the next words that Rye said:

"Last day na ni A. Magreresign na dahil papasok sa seminaryo. Nakapasa siya sa exam. Out of the 40 participants, 11 lang silang nakapasa."

It made me feel indifferent all of a sudden; like something cold was poured over my body. The same way I felt three years ago when a friend told me that he's going to get married just happened again.

I'm not against his wish of going through a very good endeavor. It's just that the idea simply can't sink in to my head as of now. Maybe in a few days or so. To think that I have known him for quite a long time as my former professor and eventually my boss, I can't imagne seeing him as a priest. I'd feel like crying actually everytime the thought gushes in my head.

Rye said A has a girlfriend and we're both wondering how he's going to break the news. For sure, it's also going to be shocking for the girl's part. I said to Rye, I should know.

I've been through that kind of scenario when my first boyfriend N told me of his plans to become a priest. It didn't hurt too much actually. Maybe because we were still young then -- we were both 12, we never cared about the world too much and I suppose because I have been affirmative of what he really wanted that was why it became too easy for me to let him go. Only to find myself accidentally meeting N again after not seeing each other for ten years -- with a college degree and not inside the seminary nor has he become a priest when all the while I have thought that he's still a seminarian.

A is now 32 and becoming a priest takes 7 years. I'm 23 now and maybe by then, 7 years after when I'm already 30, he will be the one to officiate my wedding or my child's baptism.

Now enough of this story. My goosebumps are starting to rise again.