Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thoughts On Regained Leadership

Two days now since I learned that MERALCO's leadership was not changed. I had been seriously watching and observing the developments on their leadership issue even if I am at work; reading through the newspaper, watching morning news and even asking people I know both in and out of MERALCO.
Of course, I have the right to know what has been happening about the company. For two years I have been working as a consultant with the said industry and I have been taking my job with them seriously. Yes, my family is one of the millions of customers availing the service of MERALCO and I also complain sometimes about our electric bill but I don't have any angst against the leadership of Mr. Manuel Lopez. I may not have had met him, but with my experience working for them as a resident consultant, I am in the same way as other employees happy in working with them.
And I am not welcoming the possibility of a government to a private entity that is being led by a business- oriented family. For 105 years it's the Lopezes that owned, ruled and maintained the company and being taken by a government entity is such an idiot's idea after all, in this country, what the government knows is not business but JUST PLAIN USELESS POLITICS AND CORRUPTION. To honestly say it, bilang sa daliri ang matitinong pulitiko sa Pilipinas and if they will take over a private entity, it will just crumble ito pieces of bankruptcy because of these crocodile politicians and government employees na luklukan sa pagkagahaman sa pera.
And if that's going to happen, I have decided that I'm going to leave. But for now, since the CEO is still my boss, I'm a bit at ease. I just hope the issue will clear up.

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