Monday, June 9, 2008

PMS, Popcorn and Paranoia Moments

I am blogging in my cube waiting for the 6:30 pm slot to begin my first class.My student for 6pm has been on hold for a week and I suppose he will have a new teacher by the time he returns to study.

I'm munching on Kettle Korn popcorn while writing this blog hoping to ease my nauseous state. It's so hard every time this "time of the month" arrives. And I am often in agony after (I suppose it's not appropriate to call it PMS since mine comes after.

And last night, for the longest time, I found myself on a crying spell at 2am. For the longest time after such things like my break up, Ariel's sudden departure from the organization and hearing nasty comments thrown against me by my shitty officemates, I tried to hold back my tears and stand strong-- for as long as I could.

But I guess, I had enough and I found myself needing to have a good cry. Yeah it was hard to keep things when I could no longer hold it inside. And few times before, I found myself texting my ex bf the words HELP ME! I don't know but in my head, I know I needed someone to talk to and also I wanted to know the real score between us. After all, we never broke up formally thus I wanted to set things straight; even though my mind is completely in a shaken state.

I hope I could pass through all these in time.

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