Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Start of Something Big

So this is one of the wonders of the Internet. Just yesterday, while browsing on my website, I found one comment in my post about the magazine. To my surprise, it was the publisher of the book that I made a book review last year for T&D Highlights. They chanced upon my blog and they are interested to see the book review that I made about Bob Ong. 

I was really shivering upon reading their comment. They chanced upon my blog; people spends a few minutes of their time to read my thoughts. My thoughts makes sense in some ways.

It makes me happy that there are some people who finds my ideas interesting and worthy. I still can't believe that this kind of thing happened. Of course, I am happy teary eyed even knowing that my efforts and hard work in both writing and spilling out my thoughts through blogging is reaping some sweet fruits.

Deep inside, I'm starting to realize that this love for the vocation that I have is one of the sweetest things. I'm so cozy with it and I love it so well.

Just thinking that this could be the start of making it big makes my goosebumps rise and leave me squealing in giddy delight.

From a blog to making it big. I could be the next star! Ha...ha... So how does that sound?

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