Friday, July 18, 2008

This Is How They Think Of Me---and My Jobs

People think the writing profession is all about the world of glamour and fame. Actually yes it is somewhat true but then I view it in a different way. In a different analogy. 

I never thought of being a teacher since I decided to embrace the writing vocation. I’ve been used to the scribbling life for seven years and teaching was actually another way for me to impart what I’ve learned but what’s greater in my heart is still my passion for creating by writing.

So yesterday night as I ended my last class, a fellow teacher Randy called me up to another co-teacher’s (Teacher Mel’s) cube (which was actually just at the back of my space). Apparently, Randy said they heard me while I was talking to one of my students Dorothy and from that conversation, Mel learned that I was also a writer (I don’t mind anyone hearing my convos of introduction to my students including Mel since I don’t talk to him too much). I don’t know what I am going to feel when he told me through Randy that I have nice credentials to be a teacher—since I was a writer.

Frankly, I felt a bit good after hearing that but I still did not believe it for real for it could just be a form of flattery. What I know is I am a writer. I am supposed to write and not to teach. I don’t need to talk because as a writer, it’s my mind does the talking. Writers teach by writing. It’s actually better since I am able to express my ideas even if I don’t have to talk. Just like a SWAT agent, I could be silent but in my silence I am a sharp shooter in communicating my ideas.

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