Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Good Deed Before the Night Ends

In the seven months that I taught as an ESL teacher, I don't remember an instance that I was singing any song to my students. But last night was absolutely different. After posting a Tagalog shout out on my Skype account (Ngayon ako ay bumili ng bagong payong), I found myself talking to my student Eric about his favorite Tagalog song which happens to be Freddie Aguilar's Anak. And to my surprise and happiness I found myself singing some parts of the song to him.

Lest, one of the wonderful things that happened last night was doing a good deed before the day ended. While sharing a night snack of nuggets, fries and float at Mc. Donald's my friend Ella and I found ourselves asking the help of a lady crew to run after a customer who forgot his phone.

The owner was kind enough to meet us and thank us. The man was a Pinoy balik-bayan from Sydney Australia who said he often forgets his things in different places. Well, whatever it was, it felt so good to have done something good at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sometimes I Know I Slept Well

I was supposed to blog this up days ago but since my class right now is starting to get boring, I just decided to open up my blog and put this one in.

So this is another weird dream that went on to travel to my mind while I was in a deep slumber. I dreamt that I came to the office to find my cubicle ramsacked; my table was ruined and the head teacher transfered me to a new place while my cube was being repaired. And the other thing, Teacher Mel was no longer the guy next wall but instead, it was Teacher Randy.

One more strange thing, I found these two other girls in the bathroom with the same bag that I have.

It's kinda weird and I don't know what it means. Not just yet.