Thursday, October 2, 2008

Words I Left Unsaid

These two poems they describe what I feel about my relationship; my rocky road world that might crumble apart and I don't know how to save it.

Tonight I decided to take
One last look at you
And I can’t help but grieve
Despite that you’re still here.
Silent tears
For the five long years
In place of the words
I still wished to say
To you
But I know
That I can no longer
Take a moment to do
For your ears
You’ve sealed away
In silence
And your mind
You decided to shut
From all my reasons.

And how do I say goodbye
To someone I loved
And appreciated
In silence?

I guess
I should know
There’s no right way
To say goodbye
For the good times
And things you used to do
They will all remain in me
Treasured and like a shadow
Following and haunting me
For each and everyday
That I shall live.


Break my heart
The way you want to do it
Tell me no lie
And just simply end it.

Take everything with you
But leave my heart just broken
Let me fix it on my own
And make it whole again.

Leave me now rather than pretend
Things are just fine
When all we know it will just end.

I have felt it enough
To leave and let go is hard
But I’ve tried my best and soon enough
I felt that I can’t laugh.

I’ve accepted the blame
And even the pain
Despite at times I feel
I’m being stupid and lame.

For long I tried to keep them all
Both the good and bad inside my soul
To the point that I have gone so low
On the hope that you won’t ever go.

And though I know
What I feel is still love
Things have changed
To you my beloved.

And though right now I am still hurting
I know I’ll soon be fine
Break my heart for real
It will heal in time.

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