Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going to My Favorite Spots in the World

In between my grogginess, busy schedule teaching and an article off to be finished, I'm off to my favorite places on earth. Or should I say, the beautiful structures I want to see around the world.

I long wanted to go to Spain and maybe, if I'll get the chance, I'll be visiting this place. I've been one churchgoer all my life and the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia mesmerized me when I first saw this in the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden years ago and well, I was that amused with how it looks like.

Going to Malaysia, I'll take a peak at Petronas Towers. In my high school days, I was the only person in class to answer that this was the tallest building in the world. That was eight years ago.

Banaue Rice Terraces--this is my favorite spot in the Philippines. I always tell this to my students and I admire this place so well. I wonder how it's like climbing one stairway that looks like going to heaven.

They say France especially Paris is the most romantic place in the world. The City of Lights is also part of my future itinerary. I bought a wooden puzzle replica of this landmark some years ago but then, to see it for real is more satisfying.

Now in China, this one rocks. The Great Wall of China is the only landmark on Earth that is visible when one goes to the moon. And I want to try walking the whole stretch for myself. When Mom and Dad celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in Tagaytay, Glenn and I walked the 500- meter bridge all by ourselves and it was really a conquered endeavor for me knowing that I'm an asthmatic and it's gonna be dangerous for me but then I decided to give in.

These are just some. I'm busy lately and I got to run for Robert Kiyosaki's financial theories. I just stopped by for a stress buster. More of my favorite places in my next post.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I was booted out of the training after seven days in January 6. I was of course sad over it for I had a setback the night before. It was the second in a week and it really dampened my spirits.

That times, I was all really saying that I don't have anything. My relationship that has been rocky turned all sour and was about to go to the drain this time for good then I got fired in my training. I was really telling others who I was--A BORN LOSER.

If there is one good thing about being booted out is receiving surprises. Aside from the prospective job I got from my cousin, it was last Saturday, January 10 I got this unexpected text message from a certain Jimmy Capulong who was actually one of the staff of ABS CBN's Kapamilya Deal or No Deal asking me to come to their studio by Monday January 12 for the screening and exam for the show.

It sent my goosebumps up. I was all too cold from head to toe upon reading the message. I informed my mom with the tone of my voice sounding with fear or concern. Just like when I got the phonecall for Game Ka Na Ba three years ago, there was disbelief. That evening, I verified the information and the person who sent the message and it indeed was--all true.

It was my family who were more ecstatic that I do. They were even the ones doing the plans and it did sent the hell out of me. Hearing their plans made me more scared.
I came to the studio that Monday. And joining Game Ka Na Ba is somewhat exciting and excruciating. I met Jimmy Capulong personally. Even had goofy moments with the funny guy and after the briefing, came the exam. I got to personally meet Pinoy Big Brother's resident psychologist, Dr. Randy Dellosa who facilitated the exam. There were more process to go through and sadly I was not one of the chosen few to stay for the rest of the process.

I might not have gone through everything but at least, I braved another adventure and got through
at least one-third of the process. My brother says I'm lucky at game shows; my family is a witness to
that. I enjoy joining but I don't really expect so much. After the game show stuff, things are starting
to move for me. I just passed the recruitment process from a prospective employer and I hope other
things will too eventually.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Milestone in the Family

Two days after New Year's Day, my wonderful parents celebrated a milestone -- their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I feel happy for them knowing that these days, a lot of people get married out of wrong reasons and end their marriages out of stupid alibis. And to see and know my parents still in love with each other just like how it was 25 years ago makes me just absolutely happy and proud. It is really a big thing that having that lasting relationship happens in this modern time.

I knew I was just lucky to be born from these people. My mother was a hands-on mom and ruler of the household. Dad has been a good provider and still tries to keep on doing so up to now.

I inherited things from them too. Mom could be that loud with dictations and commands but then, she cooks the best meals not just for the family but even to common friends upon their request and invitation. Dad could be one of the easily-stressed people I know; he could be the quiet-type but he seldom gets angry. Both my brother and I got the best genes from them (it's just that they passed on the genes of math to my brother and not to me =p)

In a way, I also wish for the same bliss for myself. True indeed, love and coffee are the best when they're hot. And my wish for my parents? Plain and simple. That God will still provide them with more years as a happily married couple.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


December 31, 2008 01:08 AM

I came from work hours ago. I guess things has been going and doing good for me. Thus, I count and think back on some of my blessings this year; and the things that happened too.

So what happened the past year? Here are some of them.

-I started the year with a bizarre incidence of asthma attack. At the start of the year, I had to fight for life—the experience made me feel how it was like to be at the brink of death.

-Mom and dad celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

-Three weeks after New Year’s Day, I landed a job as an ESL teacher in an office located at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center. When I was young, I used to have these thoughts that one day, I’ll be working there.. I realized in a way, I lived my childhood dreams.

-You may wonder who this lady is and what’s she doing in my list. In February, I almost landed a job as an editorial assistant for Summit Media’s OK! Magazine (almost because after series of interviews, the job was just not for me – yet).. And this girl, Frances Amper-Sales was the magazine’s bubbly editor-in-chief (who almost became my boss). Meeting her really made me starstrucked since I’ve been a follower of her blog Topaz Horizon (which is really nakakaaliw) and to my surprise, she was actually the cousin of actress Iza Calzado.

-Sir Ariel went to fulfill a calling. I never thought that my former professor-slash-former boss was actually planning to enter a religious life. But then, probably it will be the real thing that will give him fulfillment and happiness. And though everyone do miss him (including me and Glenn) I wish him well.

-The magazine had a new managing editor, in the person of Ms. Peng. She’s equally nice to work with.

-I got to write for the whole four issues of the magazine, overcoming my writer’s block and my mental shutdown that usually occurs mid-quarter (and filling the whole four issues is one thing I consider a milestone).

-Glenn’s oldest brother Gilbert and Dez got married in April...

-So was my highschool classmate Jaime to his girl.

and my friend Bea. Her wedding came to me as a surprise since the last time I met her in November 2007, she told me she’s looking for The One and just few months later she told me that I’m invited to her wedding.

-My best friend Apple gave birth to Ace—the heir to her asskicker throne.

-Lyca as well is already a mom to Johanna Lois.

-We moved to a new office building in May.

-For the first time since I worked as a teacher, I went out on my first night-out with my co-teachers as a treat to myself. After a long time, I experienced how it is like coming home at 4 o’clock in the morning. But then this was my first and last with them since I resigned in August. After seven months of serving them.

-I did some good deeds (but out of humility, I’d want to keep them to myself).

-I went on to experience a very, very long walk.

-In a way, I learned and kept on learning. Not all relationships come as 100 percent fool-proof nor 100 percent cheat-proof. They all come as tests and part of the menu. Yet the things I experienced taught me that once you try to FORGIVE and TRUST AGAIN, things do go well. That PRAYER really works. ACCEPTANCE breeds inner peace.

Indeed looking back at all the blessings and what had happened the past year leaves me with such a wonderful feeling. There are dreams to make and fulfill the same way that there are some things to clean up and leave. I just hope that this year be another fruitful one worthy to be thought of and may this year be filled with another batch of good things.