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December 31, 2008 01:08 AM

I came from work hours ago. I guess things has been going and doing good for me. Thus, I count and think back on some of my blessings this year; and the things that happened too.

So what happened the past year? Here are some of them.

-I started the year with a bizarre incidence of asthma attack. At the start of the year, I had to fight for life—the experience made me feel how it was like to be at the brink of death.

-Mom and dad celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

-Three weeks after New Year’s Day, I landed a job as an ESL teacher in an office located at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center. When I was young, I used to have these thoughts that one day, I’ll be working there.. I realized in a way, I lived my childhood dreams.

-You may wonder who this lady is and what’s she doing in my list. In February, I almost landed a job as an editorial assistant for Summit Media’s OK! Magazine (almost because after series of interviews, the job was just not for me – yet).. And this girl, Frances Amper-Sales was the magazine’s bubbly editor-in-chief (who almost became my boss). Meeting her really made me starstrucked since I’ve been a follower of her blog Topaz Horizon (which is really nakakaaliw) and to my surprise, she was actually the cousin of actress Iza Calzado.

-Sir Ariel went to fulfill a calling. I never thought that my former professor-slash-former boss was actually planning to enter a religious life. But then, probably it will be the real thing that will give him fulfillment and happiness. And though everyone do miss him (including me and Glenn) I wish him well.

-The magazine had a new managing editor, in the person of Ms. Peng. She’s equally nice to work with.

-I got to write for the whole four issues of the magazine, overcoming my writer’s block and my mental shutdown that usually occurs mid-quarter (and filling the whole four issues is one thing I consider a milestone).

-Glenn’s oldest brother Gilbert and Dez got married in April...

-So was my highschool classmate Jaime to his girl.

and my friend Bea. Her wedding came to me as a surprise since the last time I met her in November 2007, she told me she’s looking for The One and just few months later she told me that I’m invited to her wedding.

-My best friend Apple gave birth to Ace—the heir to her asskicker throne.

-Lyca as well is already a mom to Johanna Lois.

-We moved to a new office building in May.

-For the first time since I worked as a teacher, I went out on my first night-out with my co-teachers as a treat to myself. After a long time, I experienced how it is like coming home at 4 o’clock in the morning. But then this was my first and last with them since I resigned in August. After seven months of serving them.

-I did some good deeds (but out of humility, I’d want to keep them to myself).

-I went on to experience a very, very long walk.

-In a way, I learned and kept on learning. Not all relationships come as 100 percent fool-proof nor 100 percent cheat-proof. They all come as tests and part of the menu. Yet the things I experienced taught me that once you try to FORGIVE and TRUST AGAIN, things do go well. That PRAYER really works. ACCEPTANCE breeds inner peace.

Indeed looking back at all the blessings and what had happened the past year leaves me with such a wonderful feeling. There are dreams to make and fulfill the same way that there are some things to clean up and leave. I just hope that this year be another fruitful one worthy to be thought of and may this year be filled with another batch of good things.

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