Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Milestone in the Family

Two days after New Year's Day, my wonderful parents celebrated a milestone -- their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I feel happy for them knowing that these days, a lot of people get married out of wrong reasons and end their marriages out of stupid alibis. And to see and know my parents still in love with each other just like how it was 25 years ago makes me just absolutely happy and proud. It is really a big thing that having that lasting relationship happens in this modern time.

I knew I was just lucky to be born from these people. My mother was a hands-on mom and ruler of the household. Dad has been a good provider and still tries to keep on doing so up to now.

I inherited things from them too. Mom could be that loud with dictations and commands but then, she cooks the best meals not just for the family but even to common friends upon their request and invitation. Dad could be one of the easily-stressed people I know; he could be the quiet-type but he seldom gets angry. Both my brother and I got the best genes from them (it's just that they passed on the genes of math to my brother and not to me =p)

In a way, I also wish for the same bliss for myself. True indeed, love and coffee are the best when they're hot. And my wish for my parents? Plain and simple. That God will still provide them with more years as a happily married couple.

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