Saturday, February 7, 2009

Accidental Soul mate and other Stories

Yesterday, Sophia gave me a try of the psycho test she got from Erica. Just the same old stuff: Write a name on the fist number then for numbers two and three, write one name and color for each number.

The results were plain simple: I wrote Glenn’s name on number two which according to the test was the one I love. Yeah right for once he was the one I loved. Then in number three, I wrote Ernest’s name which meant he is my friend.

Now in number 1, I wrote somebody's nickname out of a whim and what it revealed left me and Sophia laughing our hearts out; for she said the person I wrote in number 1 is my soul mate.

And yesterday afternoon, why we were talking about who among my co-teachers are already married, Luigi asked me if I already am married. I said NO.

Of course, it surprised me because a guy asked me out of whim, without me expecting, if I have a husband or if I am married. It's like somebody splashed cold water in my face.

Yeah it really surprised me. For I wasn’t expecting Luigi to be the one to ask me about that. In return I asked him if he is hitched—he said he’s not. He’s not a Catholic though—but a Christian attending the GCF in Ortigas.

I’m not married, I don’t have a boyfriend; I’m performing two different jobs, I’m busy and tired most of the time. Is this the picture of someone married? And things have been acting differently with the things that happened the past week.

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