Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stiffy Stuff

Lately, I've been singing OPM ballads by my fave group APO Hiking Society (yes, I'm just 24--I'm not that old but I find their songs good). Some of my friends and colleagues think I'm in love (as corny as it is--but I'm NOT for I don't have time) because they normally hear me singing these tunes:

Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Ngumiti ka man lang sana ako'y nasa langit na
Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Sumagot ka naman 'wag lang ... ewan ...

-From the song Ewan, revived by Imago-

Hindi mo malimutan kung kailan
Nagsimulang matuto kung papaanong magmahal
At di mo malimutan kung kailan mo natikman
Ang una mong halik
Yakap na napakahigpit
Pag-ibig na tunay hanggang langit

-From the song Pag-Ibig, revived by Kitchie Nadal-

Frankly, I feel good singing those songs. The past few days, their songs are ringing inside my head that's why I sing to it. I don't know if I am halfway there and I'd rather not think of it. I feel good; having finished my backlogs with my editor, expecting another batch of articles to write and even off to a long weekend next week wherein I'll go soul searching to decode my feelings.

And I'm happy about the great things that are happening to me lately; being surrounded with good company, a blossoming friendship with another individual, and starting afresh with a long-lost friend. Today, I spent few minutes teaching Jeff few Spanish words. And when Aileen asked me if I am still writing on this blog.

But to put it honestly, Despite that I have been writing nice things on this blog--from happy ones to my opinions about serious matters, I am still afraid to let people know about my thoughts for the fear of being misquoted or worse, condemned and persecuted for being honest.

He called me by my nickname which actually brought me to surprise because almost everybody addresses me by my name--even my family and friends. For such a long time, nobody addresses me by nickname and I've been used to being called by my first name.

And then as I was off to leave for home, Luigi bade me goodbye like the usual. I don't know if he really meant it or if he was just kidding around when he teased Jeff, "Oy, Jeff bye daw!" .

Tomorrow's April Fool's. I hope I'll be spared from prank stuff.

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