Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back To Square One

Like what I’ve said, my Monday has been somewhat manic and different since I left my teaching stint last Friday. It was a bit difficult adjusting to the fact that waking on mornings will be for a different reason. And I haven’t gotten enough rest since I resigned; except for a long and deep sleep last Saturday, I spent my weekend, cleaning my room, taking my books from the shelf and packing them in one large storage box.

Once I finished putting my things in order, it’s my planner’s turn to get organized. Every year, I make sure that I have a planner-organizer which I always keep handy. But this year, due to a lot of agendas and backlogs, it took me three months before I finally got one from the bookstore. March na nang makabili ako because it was either I kept forgetting to buy, I don’t have time or the planner’s expensive.

I keep two planners with me as well a post-it notepad handy almost all the time. And they’re always practically full. My planner (pictured above) is for those advance reminders while the other one I have—a 2007 green leather day minder (not in photo) contains the add ups that I missed to either my articles, class lessons, proverbial wisdoms and stuff like that. The post-it is for ASAP issues in my job being the forgetful girl that I am; I need this for not-to-forget urgent things.

Monday came and the first thing I’m off to the office to meet my managing editor for the articles and the matters of the upcoming project. It took me some hours or so discussing things with her just to make sure that my questions are answered—so as for me not to be that silly and panic-driven during I-don’t-know this moments. I really am back to the basics. But like what I’ve said, I also wanted to devote some of my time for the magazine since this is where part of me is. While teaching is also one of my passions, I simply cannot serve two masters at the same time right now; and so as sad as it seems, I need to choose.


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