Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Horizons From Writing

Writing this entry while listening to How to Save a Life by the Fray.

Growing up, I never really thought of becoming a writer. I'm all addicted to books and reading. I loved science and while thinking of what path to take, I hoped to venture into studying Medicine and becoming a surgeon (nobody has yet to become a doctor in my family--probably no one will ever will since my brother's into Fine Arts). But then it was a twist of fate. Despite I passed the requirements for an undergrad course and a possible med-school career, I took a U-turn.

I became a journalist and a practicing writer-editor. And I am currently having the best part of my life. The past few days, I have been exchanging emails with Alvin Tabañag from the Registered Financial Planners Philippines. I first got acquainted with him due to the need to ask for his permission (that's not plagiarism right?) if we could probably use parts of his article for the Financial Management issue, to which he said yes.

Then some days ago, he emailed me back asking some questions about the company. At first I was uncertain and doubting what to do since I'm off to release some tidbits of information about the company. But then, with the good, business-related intention, I informed my managing editor and realizing the purpose, Ms. Peng said it's okay. In the end I addressed the query to her
to answer and do the whole thing.

And things like that make me in a way happy too. Being in this career thought me a lot. Brought me much prospects and the opportunity of meeting different (and some famous) people in the society and the industry. Being a writer taught me the aspects of business and all the things that can't be found in school's four walls. Who knew that the sociophobic me will find bliss in this career?

Mom used to tell me that of all journalists, I am the one who's afraid to speak up and be a fighter. A former colleague, MJ Formilleza (the nephew of my former boss in La Salle) once tagged me as a Silent Warrior. And all that they said were true. Back in the university I became the editor in chief at 20, I wrote my first and last Editor's Note but never an editorial. Ironic as it seems but I'm the editor-in-chief who never wrote editorials (either by chance or by choice) I venture more on feature stories, and now in business, HR and web content writing.

I'm a writer but I have accepted the possible bitter reality that it's going to make me rich. Luigi once joked, the editor will be the editor (but mind you, I also get red marks on my essay writing exam) yet, I do acknowledge the fact that I still have some lapses with my writing (that's why there are EIC's--to scrutinize it) I'm happy to have been employed in a company that's both customer and employee oriented. That's why despite working on a freelance basis, I chose to stay with them.

Simply because it is making me absolutely happy. I don't mind having to work on my articles late at night or even being like a doctor on call to do an emergency assignment (yes, in some ways writers are like doctors too).

I owe a lot to my career and it's no biggie if I don't get much moolah in it. When it speaks of bliss the job gives me, that's incomparable to any amount.

If you'll have the time, feel free to comment on my entries. I'll be glad to read them and even respond to them so keep those comments pouring in.

Tomorrow's another weekend. Have a great weekend readers.

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