Friday, April 3, 2009

I Need To Be Serious With My Health This Time

Taking time out on another Friday. And unfortunately, things are actually not going the way I hoped them to be. Setbacks come one at a time. The week has been full of stressful moments for me and it starts to drive me like wanting to be eaten by my bed.

And I realized that because of these setbacks, my health is starting to suffer seriously. My anxiety attacks are starting to appear again. My stress-induced headaches and migraines are also striking me especially in the afternoon.

Both my parents had realized how my weight started to decline. And a lot of people have been noticing that too.

I realized, I have been putting off my medical needs. Yes, for such a long time, I have never seen my doctor--compared before when I was really a hypochondriac.

I guess I am stressed out with the things that happened at work. I'm starting to think that probably, I'm not really meant for it. That I'm really meant to be a writer and an editor. Right now, what excites me is the assignment for the next issue. I have a deadline to run and yet, maybe I could convert it to positive stress.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Glaiza said...

Hi. Thank you very much for that short note. I hope you'd follow reading my blissful sentiments. And yes, I do take a lot of effort on this blog--just to make it worth reading.

Till next post. :-)