Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Liking Doesn't Necessarily Mean Loving

The past few days, I have been rendering six to seven hours of teaching. And although I have been finding myself coming home bone tired, it's just fine. I enjoy the company of my students. Knowing what has been cooking inside their mind just keeps me compensated, entertained and fulfilled.

And today, as I was having classes with Aaron Lee, I found myself confined in a mind-stimulating argument. No, we did not have a heated, fight-worthy argument like others might think. It began with a simple sentence that started with the phrase I'll be in trouble if... and then the story went on.

I told Aaron that like and love are two different things. The funny thing is he told me, "but teacher it's (like) going to develop there (to love)." To which I defended my view saying that when you like somebody, you don't necessarily need to fall in love with that person. I used an example--comparing the person to a pair of expensive Adidas shoes that you see in a mall. When you look at the merchandise, it doesn't necessarily mean that you must buy it.

Because that is how I look at the situation this time. I knew I've been that "stubborn" for a lot of times--jumping into the pit unprepared; with a feeling unknown, and reasons unclear in my head. And nowadays though there are instances that I am feeling that "complicated emotion" I try not to dwell on it and divert my attention to something else. Just to avoid further complications and heartaches.

I just don't want history to repeat itself.

Yes, it could be true that falling in love is a wonderful feeling. Like how the Beatles' song goes, it is love that makes the world go round. But then when you fall into it without discerning the real reason or purpose, it simply leaves you and your life complicated. And if Aaron Lee has that conviction that liking could further develop into loving, I respect him for that. At least, he has a concrete view on something. A belief that he could live by in his life.

Like what I used to say, to each his own.

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