Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surrounded With Gods and Goddesses

Back from the land of gods and goddesses. That's what I call Meralco Development Center, the office where I serve as a writer/ editor for the past three years. Yup--that's corporate and training environment setting (actually, I just learned from my managing editor that aside from being a training center, MMLDC is actually an NGO) but what makes me stick to that environment aside from enjoying my work is the people I am working with. They're all nice and absolutely hunks and babes as in beautiful and handsome people--attitude wise and the physical of course.

To see how these gods and goddesses look like, consider these photos:

Sometimes, we need no other explanations. We're working our butt out but we need to have fun too right?

Now, today I got to see this guy named Paulo from marketing and Ernest, the ever-reliable editor that I haven't seen for such a long time. Due to my job as a teacher, I have been doing some of my writing on a flexi-time basis at home for some days so I don't get to see them often. But probably that will change because there are a lot of work to do now. Of course, the environment is still cool, bubbly, loud and full of laughter and energy. The marketing people thought I was there as a trainee but I cleared it up telling them that I have been writing for the magazine for three years and I had some bonding time with them. They we're a bit embarrassed for I've been hearing them talking about "green" stuff but then I'm used to that though I don't divulge. They asked some few but not that personal questions. They asked me of my civil status and while I said the real thing that I am single--no attachments or pending relationships--not even married (it doesn't mean any offense to me anyway), the guys remarked out of the blue matching me with somebody (they think I'm just sitting quietly but then my ears are all up to everything).

I know Paulo as the guy that I see in the marketing department where the editorial staff holds office; normally when my managing editor is out, it's him who I approach to get my copy of the magazine. Although I don't get to talk lengthily enough with him--okay, just now but the conversation lasted for just some minutes--and I don't consider it lengthy. He's accommodating like everyone (probably because I am visiting that's how they do it with other clients and visitors), and I think he's nice. But it makes me feel awkward when he refers to me using the term ma'am. Most people in the office do that actually, I'd be fine when they address me by my first name but then, that's SOP. Probably I'll tell them about it one time.

On the other hand, I met Ms. Eve too (one of the members of the Academic Services Department where I also serve). Of course, our meeting was packed with the usual hug and beso. When she told me that Ernest was with him, I grabbed the chance to step out of the marketing office to have a glimpse of him. And well, when he greeted me with that simple hello, the butterflies in my stomach became alive. Since I began doing projects with the Acad people, I have worked in tandem with Ernest on some projects including transcriptions and the 4th quarter issue of Highlights in 2007 (which was my favorite issue). He's one handyman when it comes to lay outing and PhotoShop editing; thank God for techie creatures like him, he once came to my rescue when I encountered trouble with PhotoShop techniques and shortcuts. He also once tested my courage that made me do something I never thought I have the guts to. Ernest also earned much of my admiration when I saw him pray during our lunch with other Acad members. And what else can I say but he's still good looking as ever.

And maybe I really have to slow down at work for a lot of people have been noticing the weight loss that I've been having lately. From Ma'am Cez, my parents and now my bosses as well as Ms. Eve and Ernest.

I might have had a bad hair day with my teaching today but I'd rather not dwell and divulge much on it. I have a lot to be happy about including a big project and articles lined up. And being surrounded with hunks makes me squealing in giddy delight and maybe I'll be off to Dreamland with an ear-to-ear smile on my face.

Indeed, ang sarap mapalibutan ng gwapo (being surrounded with good-looking guys really feels good) I feel like a goddess too in some way. hee...hee... Talk about the blessing and best part of singlehood.

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