Friday, June 26, 2009

Death, Weddings and Unexpected Stuff

Just got home checking out my emails and the whole Michael Jackson thing. Just this morning in the office Ms. Bot, our Events Officer told me of the news as she was browsing Philippine Star. Of course, I was surprised too. To think that I grew up listening to his songs; most of my mp3 music files are that of MJ's including Thriller and lately I've been hooked listening to Man in the Mirror. He was once known as Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband; got into a publicized case of child abuse, even got into retokado (plastic surgery) blurbs (how come he became so mestizo when he was so, so dark back then with Jackson 5?-- which turned out to be a case of vitiligo )

He was supposed to enjoy the golden years at his age of 50 but that's not going to happen. As I watch the news tonight, I found out that the country's pride, Charice Pempengco was supposed to have a showdown concert with him (Jackson chose Charice after seeing her doing the Moonwalk while singing Billie Jean) and the rehearsals were scheduled for next week.

But with his untimely death that's going to be a bubble burst. His death is clearly a huge loss especially to music enthusiasts yet, he had left a legacy for other generations to look up to.

Back at the office, I asked the help of Ms. Paz and Ms. Sheryl for the price list of wedding packages at MMLDC. They all thought I was the one to get hitched. Unfortunately, that's not the case. They need to get me a groom first. I got that for my friend Mikaela who plans to marry her beau of 8 years, Alfred (I was talking to her through Skype last night and she told me about it) just for her to have an idea of the expenses and if that's gonna be a deal in the near future.

Now about the unexpected stuff, I attest now that some things come when you don't expect it. Actually there are some questions running in my head that I often don't ask people about and one instance are some things about this person. Actually, I only knew him by facial feature and by name. That's it. I don't know where he actually lives (but he knows where I reside) or if his age is really his.

I'm a writer and I do interviews yet, I don't normally interrogate people (especially those belonging to the opposite sex)if I want to know things about them. So I just let things happen by itself. If there's gonna be an info, then good. It's either I'm afraid to take the initiative or not prepared to do it.

Then as I was about to go out of the office today, by the gate somebody called through the radio asking about this person mentioning his whole name which I heard loud and clear. My brain is that retentive that I even had an instant thought could that be the person's last name? (one thing which I also do not know)

I received something when I was least expecting it.

I'm wearing a smile on my face now. After that incident, I suppose God provides little surprises like that.

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