Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starstrucked--But Just a Bit

Just got home hours ago after attending to the scheduled lunch-slash-interview with a Program Officer at MMLDC for my pending article for this quarter's issue. The officer is charming and bubbly; maybe she was a bit nervous for she might have thought the questions will be hard to answer.

Sometimes I wonder, why do people get scared at the thought of being interviewed? The thing is when I actually conduct interviews, I make sure that it's relaxed actually like just a fun session.

So after a lot of stopovers, traffic jam in Cainta and the whole flood and heavy rains, I got home at about 7 pm, and my headaches are a bit pissing me off. I know I'm bone tired just by that. But anyway, a lot of things are happening pretty good nowadays.

I suppose, I was not wrong with my chosen field. My life is both in writing and in magazines. I love both reading and writing. And being in the written profession for a training center, I guess part of the perks of my job is meeting different people--either by appointment or by accident. Even way back in high school and college, I've been fascinated with the lives of powerful people. Some of them I got lucky to meet in person.

Today's probably no exception. Off to go home from dropping by the marketing department, I got a bit intrigued seeing this man in the lobby talking to someone over the phone. It took me some minutes and two turns in the lobby to recognize that it was actually Gabby Lopez of
ABS-CBN. The network happened to be having their business-related event in the center. Sometimes, these executives know how to keep their famous status from the commoner's eye--like what happened to me today.

Starstrucked? Just a bit actually. I suppose, it's that I've been used to the thing. He was not the first person I met. In highschool I first encountered President Gloria Arroyo and again during college. I've seen sportsmen like Rommel Adducul, Alex Compton and James Yap before college graduation and with the experience, I found out it doesn't change a thing. My dad even thought that I probably am a starstrucked girl who'd run after these famous people asking for their autographs but unfortunately, that's just not my style.

I'm no paparazzi after all.

On the other side still, people compliment my new look. One of the program officers actually told me, I looked more sophisticated now compared back then that I looked like a nerdy lass. Some of teacher friends are actually telling me I look like an artista now.

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