Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Dreams Tara, May the Angels Be With You

I first heard about Tara Santelices almost a year ago during my stint as an ESL teacher in the night shift schedule in Ortigas. At first, I never had an idea that she was actually the girl my co-teacher Ella was mentioning about. (For those unfamiliar, Tara was a victim of a robbery and shooting incident in Cainta, Rizal in August last year).

I am one of those people who despite of being unfamiliar about her personally, kept on following the developments about her case. As soon as I learned about her through Rem's posted bulletin on my Friendster account and after knowing that she was actually once my former beau's acquaintance during an org event here in Angono, I kept myself posted about Tara through the Internet and the news.

She suffered after that horrible night of what was supposed to be a celebration of her 23rd birthday. After that shooting incident, she was left in a coma for almost ten months. It was only this July when she was allowed to go home--despite the doctors' words that she will be permanently disabled.

When I heard about that, I was among those few who hoped that she will still recover and as impossible as it sounds, go back to the same normal girl in this photo. Sadly however, those will remain as it is.

Tara died 4 am last Monday July 27. 10 days before her 24th birthday.

It took her some months of uncertainty and suffering before God finally decided to call her home. Sure it is sad and really disappointing for she was at the verge of her youth capable of doing a lot of great things--from being an artist, musician and head of an NGO; those were taken away from her just by a fateful night and a single gunshot in the head by somebody who still remains unidentified and at large--and the police say the case is closed (it made me feel fuming mad inside for it clearly shows how useless the law in this country is--it sucks).

But then, all of her sufferings had ended. And all her deeds are off to travel to the gates of heaven with her.

Sweet Dreams Tara. Enjoy singing with the angels and please bring your artistry There with you.

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