Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Part of a Milestone

Meralco Development Center is celebrating its 10th year this month. The past, week Highlights released a special anniversary issue which looked so great.

For this issue, I was tasked to do the article on the editors and writers. As my managing editor, Ms. Peng asked me which to work on, I asked for this on which she happily obliged. This article actually consumed three or four pages. Yep, it's a lot but I enjoyed writing and doing the research for this article; because of this, I was able to know and learn more about my darling editors. It sent my goosebumps up again seeing my article next to the message of one of the big bosses.

Talk about assignments, since some of the other writers were busy with their own business, I obliged to handle two more sections. MMLDC is such a nice place (okay, aside from it's famous too) for teambuildings and business events of other top companies and of course, a top choice for blissful events like weddings. (FYI: MMLDC just made a special appearance on one of the episodes of The Wedding which starred Anne Curtis, Zanjoe Marudo and Derek Ramsey; also, some parts of the Pendant episode of MMK which starred Toni Gonzaga and Ryan Eigenman were shot here).

Being one of their writers, I had handled a lot of topics in the three years. I've been a witness to some of those fruitful endeavors (including the yearly Educator's Forum and the SBMDP project) and by being a part of the editorial board, it makes me feel good at the fact that MMLDC is more than just being Meralco's own. It feels good seeing that the company gives back to the community too. More than just a business, they help out in making a difference in the society.

MMLDC has been in the business for a decade. I've been writing for the magazine for more than three years. It's such a nice thought that despite of the freelance job (which hopefully would emerge into something more promising), I was able to take part in celebrating a milestone in the company. I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to tell people by writing what this institution can do.I know this is the least that I could. In one of my posts, one of my editors thanked me for giving so much (of my talent and devotion probably) but then, I am just giving them back what is supposed to be due. Because they gave me much too. More than just the opportunity of working with a world-class institution, they helped me achieve my heart's desire.

Cheers to the first ten years. Hopefully, I would still be writing for the next ten--or more.

photos courtesy of MMLDC Foundation Facebook account.

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