Thursday, September 24, 2009

12 Things Teaching Has Taught Me

A year ago, I ventured in another vocation while pursuing my passion as a writer. I worked as a teacher for Korean citizens to teach them English.

Now, I look back at the things being a teacher has taught me. Some of them are funny but some of them are insightful. From the simplest to the seemingly complicated. Things that I actually never thought from the mind of kids and teenagers--just when I thought all they care about are Boys Over Flowers, their PSP's and their handy electronic dictionary (that they can't seem to live without).

Teaching had taught me:

1. How to write my name in Hangul.
2. That I could actually sing like a soprano; this I found out after doing a part singing the song Seasons of Love.
3. Being a sociophobic (I mean really HUGE), that I could actually sing in front of people.
4. To eat with Japanese chopsticks (and they have a difference to what Koreans use).
5. That I could actually be an efficient Science Teacher too.
6. Positive thinking creates positive influence.
7. Talents should be shown and shared; not to be kept hidden inside.
8. Marriage is the best decisions a person can make.
9. If you can't and don't know how to take care and raise a child, don't dare try to make one.
10. But if you want one, go to Sogo with your boyfriend (okay, that was actually a joke said by my 13-year old student Jerry that really pinned me to the wall in shock!).
11. That when a guy carries a girl on his back, it's a sign that they're in love with each other.
12. You need to compromise if you want a relationship to work.

Yes, they're pretty simple and probably funny. But when I think of it, they make sense too.

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