Monday, October 26, 2009

Bringing Home Broadway

Back from days of absence resting and recuperating from the stress and strain of my busy workload. While friends are aware of my state, I was actually working on my deadlines despite my internal clock's bargaining plea for me to rest.

Surfing on the internet as I do my articles (yes, despite illness and recovery, I was still doing my backlogs and assignments; need to meet the deadlines. :p) I chanced to surf the Summit Media's showbiz website and found out few stuff:

1. Tara Santelices' life story will be featured in one of the episodes of Maala-ala Mo Kaya (probably next month) where Karylle will be playing the lead role; seems to be a nice choice, I actually saw it that she looks like Tara when I glanced at her photo in one of my entries months ago. She's fit for the role actually. While I followed her story until her tragic death in July, I will surely be looking forward to that episode.

Measure your life in love.

2. Broadway musical RENT will be having its Filipino adaptation. It will be shown by February of 2010. And realizing that, it made me miss the good old days back during my stint as a teacher when...

3. We had our own rendition of RENT's soundtrack music, Seasons of Love. This one's quite memorable for one, I sang the part of Joanne in the original version--despite my social phobia that has been with me for such a long time. It also made me miss Luigi, the school's academic manager and my conversation buddy who really loves Broadway musicals, Sweeney Todd and Stephen Sondheim (and Sweeney Todd will also have a Filipino adaptation next year.) Unfortunately, I no longer have his number; I know he's gonna love it when he hears that a Pinoy version of these Broadway hits will finally arrive here.

It was such a happy discovery--and a way to reminisce the good old days. This is like a commercial. It's already the 26th and I didn't forget that I was unable to update my wishlist--that's because I'm finishing my deadlines too.

The big day is in 10 days.

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