Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can't Get Enough of the Books

Just an update, last night I posted about the fear of having this blog corrupted or perhaps hit by an unknown virus (and that's no joke--office PCs are even suffering from it. Last night just before bedtime, I was finally able to solve the whole HTML problem. What turned out to give me headaches was just the need to troubleshoot the editor settings option.

Now back to business.

I know I have posted and voted for books as the first thing on my birthday wishlist. However, it seems I can't get enough of it.

Last Saturday, as I was browsing on the bookshelves of National Bookstore, I realized that aside from my first batch of books, I long to have these paperbacks that I refer to as must haves:

Merriam-Webster Concise Handbook for Writers. Being in the writing profession, I am still into the whole kit and caboodle of proofreading, punctuation and stuff like that related to writing and publishing articles--despite of graduating from the whole thing taught in school years ago. And even if I blog to express myself, my thoughts and to put writing into practice, I know I still have to further expound learning other aspects of the craft.

Merriam Webster Manual for Writers and Editors. If doctors have Merck Manual and PPDr, this is what I consider to be my editor's bible. Being into writing for a magazine, I know there still are some critical terms and procedures I have to know--especially that writing for business and speaking corporate is REALLY different. And browsing this book, I know this will be of great help. I've grown to reading Alito Malinao's Journalism for Filipinos back in college; and though it made me learn the basics (word count for headlines, shortening lengthy words and producing real headlines), I still want to learn more of the whole thing.

On the other hand, one of my favorite bloggers Frances Amper-Sales who's also about to celebrate her birthday next month (and our big day's one day apart from each other) also has a jampacked list. Check out Topaz Horizon now!

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