Thursday, October 22, 2009

From Wish List to Iron Chef

I'm taking a breather from posting my wish list today. When I learned that yesterday was already Wednesday, I had to scramble on the post for the wish list. But then, because of an editing assignment that I had to do and finish till the wee and ungodly hours of the morning, I let a pass for the list today. Instead I caught up sleep; (I just woke up a few minutes ago as of this writing) and cook. Yes, you saw it clearly. I tried a hand at cooking.

For now, on a Thursday, I am trading my usual work table of pens and folders for pots and pans. I tried my hand at preparing macaroni and cheese. For some time that's what I've been craving for. Good thing this manufacturer came out with macaroni and cheese as their newest product. So yesterday, off I went to the supermarket.

A year ago, I tried a hand at preparing the recipe using Kraft Macaroni and Cheese my aunt from Canada sent for us to try out. And frankly, comparing Kraft to our local brand I prefer Kraft's product. Never mind the whole preparation but I think it gives the real taste of what macaroni and cheese should be. Classic compared to our local brand that tastes smoky.

And as I try a hand at cooking, I learned and attest to what Rissa Singson-Kawpeng said in her book, Confessions of an Impatient Bride--the instructions on those easy-to-cook meals are not complete. Indeed, you have to go through the whole kit and caboodle of a recipe. With Mac and cheese as my first test, I learned, you still need to put salt on the water before boiling the noodle--even if it's not written in the package instruction. Or else you'll come up with a bland recipe.

Yeah, what I discovered sounds really funny. But my nephew still loved it. For me, that's what I call kitchen education. I plan to do cheesecake next.

BY THE WAY, I discovered stirring on fresh milk on Mac and Cheese is good. May it be with the one from Kraft or the local, store-brought ones that we have here in the grocery shelves.

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