Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Isn't Easy as You Think It Is be a writer -- even being an editor.

And so I can't blame fellow blogger and Facebook buddy Frances Amper-Sales if she has a lot of qualifications for someone for that job--and she's actually on the look out for a fashion and beauty editor for her magazine OK!. I had tried my luck at publishing for a university press and at her magazine back more than a year ago when I applied for a position--as an editorial assistant and....

indeed it to be a writer or even an editor one tough job.

Back in the university, I became the editor in chief and I feel for Frances. Don't be surprised if the job qualification entails a lot. Because it really is. Being an editor is really a hard job--especially if you're the editor-in-chief so don't complain if editors are bitchy as Miranda Priestley. Back in college, I was also a horrible, bitchy editor-in-chief and my adviser could attest to it.

You cannot mistake it's (read that apostrophe) with its and your with you're--those are two different things; and that mistake would make the whole thing different. I learned this the hard way when worked for the university press--scoring b******t from my boss, the editor-in-chief (never forget the hyphens in between!) just because I mixed its with it's. As horrible as it is, committing a mistake like that will score you those words to last the whole day. Thus aside from fantastic writing (and almost perfect grammar--including punctuations), being a meticulous creature is also a MUST!

You need to have the will power to read, research, write, revise and go through the whole cycle. Writing and editing isn't just all about tinkering on your keyboard without minding if your information is right or if it's up-to-date. That's probably why I was able to stay in this job because I have grown to love reading, befriending Webster and sharing my bed with pens, paper and books.

Being a writer means doing all the nerdy stuff. Some people think being in the media (broadcast or written) is all about glamor, parties and rubbing elbows with the stars--actually, that's not always the case.

And while I'm blessed to have angelic, calm and heaven sent editors now in Highlights, (yep, no more of those BS language--just email reminders for revisions which are far better!) I'm still an OC girl when it comes to editing my own stuff (sometimes it extends to others too) because a single mistake could cost a lot--sometimes hundreds even thousands of pesos to resolve. While an erratum can apologize for a mistake, it simply cannot clean the humiliation caused by a lapse.

Being once an editor-in-chief, I understand that in being a writer and editor part of the job description is to make the chief's life easy. Editing is darn laborious--thus one need not to be another liability.

When you are a writer, people do think of you as somebody famous--even rich. Yes, a lot has this misconception that once you're a writer, you've got a lot of moolah in your wallet. But I'd like to burst your bubble. No it's not. When you are a writer even an editor, becoming an overnight millionaire is the least thing you'll have. So if you're craving for money to splurge for your shopping spree, this job isn't for you to take.

If you have what it takes for this challenge of being the next fashion editor, read Frances' blog by clicking here.


Lord Apple said...

i hate you Alex for having me bend down my knees each time i read your blogs.
im searching for a gramar teacher and had always cross u out in my list,
but maybe im having a change of heart about your resume in my files
(yee hah, nag apply ka ba sakin? thats another story).

GLAIZA said...

Hi mare! why bend your knees when you can just stand or perhaps sit down? hee..hee... you don't want me to be your grammar teacher because I'm bitchy? he..he..

Sa akin may papa-apply ka ba? as in PAPA apply. Papuntahin mo na while wala pang pila.