Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Bit of the Kilig Moment

Writing this entry a few hours before the big day.

Last month, my brother JR and his girlfriend April celebrated their anniversary. Browsing through the files shared in this PC, I got to find this video. Which turned out to be JR's anniversary gift.

I know April from way back. Her family was my uncle's neighbor and we're childhood friends with my brother and my late cousin. Funny how JR laughed his heart out seeing April's photos back when they were younger. Who would have thought they'd be the way they are now?

I loved the part where he wrote these words:

"My heart is filled with you."

Awwww....I never expected my brother would say those words--like it's not in his personality. I to squeal in delight whenever I see him do those sweet gestures to April--in a way he's also sweet contrary to what I thought.

Indeed, they're lucky to have found each other. :-)

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