Friday, November 27, 2009

It Took Me Long To Say...

But I still did--to utter...

This morning, I was able to spend some time chatting with my former professor and boss Sir Ariel Vidanes. In the midst of those "kumustahan" I told him of the what abouts at work including the upcoming release of the magazine.

It warmed my heart when he told me that he's happy for me; as I shared to him of the accomplishment I had in the magazine. I can still vividly remember a year ago a few weeks before he left to respond to his calling, I can recall telling him "I'll be a managing editor too someday Sir--just like you." It has been a long way and as I think of it, what I said became a reality in some ways. To which I took the moment (even over chat) to thank Sir Ariel.

All God's angels come to us disguised. ~James Russell Lowell

More than just my former professor and boss, I am thankful to have met Sir Ariel. I know I've been the schoolgirl who was afraid of my own teachers (yes, until I graduated from college) but that's because I see them as authority. But aside from being my mentor, He became God's instrument who helped me in achieving my heart's desire--of being the writer that I am today. Of course, I also handled some other tasks aside from that but then those things taught me lessons too. Lessons that are not found in the four corners of the school.

In a way, I know I was blessed. Indeed, people come in to your life for a reason. I guess I found one of those in him. And while it took me long before saying those words of gratitude, I've embedded it in my being that no matter what, I know, those two words are so important. Quoting writer Sara Holbrook in her one of her poems (entitled Sorry, but I'll change it for the sake of this entry) :

It nags me in my dreams
When I have gone to bed
That thank you virus hangs on
Until it's finally said.

Think of it. How about you, have you said THANK YOU to anyone lately? I'm ending this entry with another word of wisdom from an unnamed author:

He who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness.

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