Monday, November 2, 2009

Love in the Time of Facebook

Gearing away from the usual serious posts, I’m typing these down inspired by my friend B and my Darling Editor—and what Facebook has to do with this post.

Days ago, I was one of those who were surprised by the recent change of status of my darling editor. The said “news” earned a lot of comments from her friends (including me—who was really, really surprised at that!). Funny but as I key in this observation, I can’t help but grin at the thought that Facebook is somewhat better and faster—dinaig and news at press release ng CNN or even Fox News.

I also see these social networking sites as a modern venue for engagement and wedding announcements. Indeed, the web could make someone a star by her own right—even just by a changed status reflected on her profile.

When I entered a relationship (with now an EX) some years back, I only have Friendster. In a way, it gave me the privacy that despite of my then “in a relationship status”, I was saved from the prying eyes of people searching for the photos of “the guy”. Because compared to Facebook, Friendster’s option doesn’t include naming the person you’re in a relationship with. And being private when it comes to who I’m seeing, dating or even with, I was spared from the wildfire of comments from friends and colleagues—even successful in keeping the whole thing a secret for four months—if not only for my Literature professor who told the class that the guy and me were then four months into couple hood. It’s great to keep people guessing about the real score.

And the whole wildfire of happy comments she received left both of us laughing to our heart’s content. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against that; and to people who are taking pride in declaring their new status—like what they say, share the happiness.

My dear Darling Editor, I’m one of those people cheering for you. For being a crazy River Girl in love with Jesus, you’re hereby rewarded with a nice love story. Your guy is so wise to keep his identity—photographed as one of the characters of Sesame Street. Maybe if time comes and it’s my time for a change of status, I’ll ask him to dress up as Elmo—or the Count perhaps.

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