Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Baby's Finally Here!

...and I'm not talking about the infant conceived the way you think it is.

Indeed there are lots of reasons to be proud.

I'm talking about MMLDC Highlights' last issue for this year. While I was waiting for the text message (that never arrived) from Kenstar Graphics, one of my editors emailed me and told me that the baby has arrived. Which prompted me to go to the office today. Having secured my copies at hand, I went to my darling editor, Ms. Kay Abella's office and asked her (with that wide smile on my face) "your first baby is out! What do you think?" which left us both laughing and giggling to our heart's content.

Actually, this issue isn't just only my darling editor's panganay. In a way, I was like a first-time mother too. I've been with the magazine for three years but I only write my own stuff and sometimes edit someone else's work when needed. But because my managing editor needed to be away, I accepted the huge not to mention tasking yet challenging responsibility of rearing the magazine; which meant overseeing the whole structure not just jotting and editing but coordinating with the editors, the printing press and at times having to decide on my own (when it's just minor) where and what photo to put or remove in the pages. And like a woman going through the whole bout of pains and the birthing process, I must say this is worth the aches and the long, winding, head-turning sleepless nights.

The fruit of months of hard labor--meet the baby! :-p

In a few days, another year's coming to a close. My dear reader, I hope you don't mind if I'll be ecstatic by a higher level just for this time. After all, accomplishing something this big is so fulfilling--including the fact that the effort was appreciated. Worthy indeed to shout it out--cheers for this labor of love.

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