Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodie-Filled Night

As I write this down, I just finished arranging (but not yet permanently) the stuff I received the whole day most of them, from, my relatives who came over for the holidays. I know I narrated days back about how simple my Christmas was. There was actually not much of the gifts but then, I realized that maybe that's part of growing old--you don't get pretty much excited on gifts just like a kid--or perhaps, your choice of gifts is a lot different now compared back then.

But don't get me wrong. Despite I've been longing for things in my wish list that are way too expensive, I still get giddily happy over the small stuff regardless of the amount. To which I am thankful; like for this year, I got:

An almost-complete beauty arsenal: Pond's facial towelettes (for the often lazy me who gets to commit beauty crimes (read: sleeping with make up on), Victoria's Secret lip gloss, ELF lipstick and eyeshadow shimmer, Nivea CoQ10 lip balm and lip tint from Bench (that doubles as a liquid blusher) funny but while I decided to invest on such female stuff, family members seem to make a (big) deal seeing me with make up on :-p;

My comfort food: dark chocolate truffles, a huge bar of Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate and another limited edition Toblerone Swiss Chocolate;

A loot bag from Britney Spears Believe Collection from Elizabeth Arden with an assortment of hand and body lotion and shampoo from Dove;

Fragrances from Victoria' s Secret Garden Love Spell and their new scent Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly. I just loved the packaging--it comes in a leather box that's so chic!

My "usual" must haves, A new 2010 planner and some books that I've been dying to read. Being the nerdy one that I am, I was nonetheless ecstatic when I received a complimentary copy of the book 12 Steps to Build Wealth from its author, Sir Alvin Tabañag who I got acquainted with for writing an article in the Financial Literacy Issue of Highlights. On the other hand, Bibeth Orteza-Siguion Reyna's Say Ni Chiz was another book, I bought a day before (after a lot of debating with my thought whether to buy it or not) out of inquisitiveness over how's it like to be Chiz Escudero--actually it's more on his life at UP and becoming a lawyer that I got intrigued about so I decided to buy the book. Turns out, I got my money's worth for the autobiography is one good read.

To Tita Fe and Tita Vins, thanks a lot for the goodies. It will probably take a year or so for me to use and empty all the stuff :-) You know I'm not such a material girl; and while I'm happy over the gifts, I assure you, I'm still the same ordinary girl in love and happy with life's simple pleasures. That with or without it, nothing beats the joy of having you and everyone around.

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