Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost BTTRW (Back to the Real World)

It's already the second week of January. And it seems I'm still in a daze. Since the balikbayans arrived last year three days after Christmas, the house had been full, noisy and busy. Everyday's agenda included trips to the grocery to purchase a lot of stuff for the house or for the fridge.

Weeks back, in the midst of our holiday feast, I was already thinking, weight gain's going to be one possible consequence--which for me in a way would be good. Knowing that I am in a brood consists of mainly guys (all my cousins are well--boys) who loves to eat (aside from me) I could attest that guys can do get one to ruin her diet hehe :-p

Talk about busy...busy list.

And while it's another year, the pressure is starting to creep in to my nerves. I'm darn serious in fulfilling a lot of changes in my life this year--from my heart to my career. And as of this writing, I am filled with things to do including:

-having to wait for an impending phone interview;
-an interview for a Web Content position this afternoon;
-attending a blogger's event for a senatorial candidate next week;
-cleaning my bedroom and arranging the furniture;
-reading the Random House Writer's Reference book that I've finally purchased;
-writing a review on what I found out from reading Sen. Chiz Escudero's autobiography, Say ni Chiz;
-writing another post on that special bonding moment with dad yesterday;
-studying and learning to play The Nearness of You on my piano.
-updating my journals.

While it will for sure be a really busy day, with Faith for sure it's going to be all good--which it should really be.

I just hope the reminders won't be left forgotten or else...

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