Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Atty. Alex Lacson: Defining the Real Filipino Spirit

Back from a day spent with my dear darling editor Kay Abella. A few weeks ago, she asked me if I could possibly join her in a bloggers' event Kapihan at Istoryahan to happen in line with Atty. Alex Lacson's endeavor of running for the senatorial race. It was an invitation that I simply cannot miss for the world.

I really did not personally know Atty. Alex Lacson. The nearest thing that got me acquainted with him and his book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help the Country was after featuring him in 2007 during the Responsible Citizenship issue of Highlights. But ever since I took hold of his book and got myself immersed in it, I know there was something with this man. Not long after having him in the magazine, I decided that I better have a copy of that "little but powerful orange book"

Just when I thought I will only be reading the book, I was proven wrong as I was given a rare opportunity to meet an author that I really admire.

Now I know that last year, I decided to perform one of those little things--fulfilling my solemn duty as a registered voter--not at 18 but at 24 (I went to register five months before my 25th birthday). I remember that a year ago, while I was working as a teacher the school academic manager asked me this:

"Teacher, sa tingin mo ba, may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas?"

I remember answering him "yes it is possible but maybe we have to return to the era of Magsaysay or better yet, if we can possibly produce a different breed of Filipinos." As of this writing, I am recalling those words focusing on the last thought. For the longest time, despite knowing that suffrage is a right that's free of charge, I was not exercising it--out of choice. For the reason that honestly I have lost my confidence over the kind of government that we have.

There are things I heard from him that I never, ever heard other people say that they will do.

When I learned that Atty. Lacson was eying and running for the senatorial race, it dawned on me that probably, my decision to register to vote has found its reason and purpose that this man could be the new breed [of Filipino] that I once said . The same way that I have came to a decision that I will really vote for this man. Reading his book should have been enough to convince me that probably, this person is what the country really needs. That he can bring change especially to those who are starting to lose hope for the country and self-esteem about being Pinoy. Listening to him answer the questions of people made me realize that he is the kind of candidate who is worthy of my vote. What was more surprising was when I heard him respond that unlike Atty. Sigfrid Fortun, he will decline to hold the controversial case of Andal Ampatuan Jr.

At the back of my head I was stunned but what else can I say but "now, this man's really different." Unlike those politicians who tend to consume much of a person's TV habit pronouncing his future platform of government. And they're doing it earlier than what COMELEC had designated.

Personally meeting him was also like a challenge for me. I was among those attendees who were able to ask my own question which was one straightforward query on what sets him apart from other senatoriables. I was actually hesitant at first to ask but then, being a first time voter, I need to know if that candidate deserves my vote (and others too). There was actually no pretensions (not a hint whatsoever) in his answer. And at the end of the day, this man, Atty. Alex Lacson is an epitome of a person who practices what he preaches (and writes) in his powerful orange book.

I know this man is worth my vote. And for answering my straightforward question, I will give my honest, straightforward response:

I am voting for this man. Count me in.

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Denise said...

Thanks Glaiza! We'd love to feature your entry in the website. Hope it's ok.

Kita-kita uli in future media events for Atty. Lacson!

GLAIZA said...

Hi Denise! Just checked out the website. Thank you for featuring my entry. Of course, I'd love to be present again in your future events.

Hope to see you again soon :-)

Toni said...


We would like to feature your blog entry on lpforchange.com, under Atty. Alex Lacson's profile. Hope you don't mind. We'll just put a link back to your blog. Thanks! ^_^


GLAIZA said...

Hi Toni!

Sure do. count my yes to have this entry in the website as mt Little Thing to help Atty. Lacson for his campaign.

Thank you for dropping by. :-)