Monday, January 4, 2010

My Thoughts on Marital Bliss

Today, just two days after we welcomed the New Year, my family is also celebrating another occasion. This day, my parents are celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary.

These symbols have been with them for that long--26 wonderful, blissful years.

The night before, I remember telling Mama not to leave and instead postpone her plan of visiting my other relatives in Manila for the sake of this event. I found it both surprising and disappointing to see her decline and hear her say, "kapag ganon na katagal, sa puso na lang inaalala yon."

Don't get me wrong. I'm not planning to be mushy. But the thing is, I know regardless of how long two people had been together in marriage, it's worth celebrating. After all, with the things and factors surrounding people that influence their relationships with their respective partners, to be married and stay happily hitched in these trying times is already a milestone.

And Mama and Papa are among those few lucky couples who are still strongly bonded by the Sacrament of Matrimony--despite the time and tide of the modern times that tend to easily destroy relationships. So having reached that long is already a huge blessing.

I know I have been lucky to be born to Mama and Papa. Nine years ago, as a college paper editor, I remember my then editor-in-chief tell me out of the blue that I have an ideal family. In some ways, he was right. I'd say in some ways because there's no such thing as a perfect family. In a little way or two, my family has its dysfunctional (READ: WEAK) side too.

Yet, I know I am lucky to have parents who at 26 years are still at the pink of their health enjoying such a long year of marital bliss. In the recent family reunion that we had, while I was at the verge of those jokes on my present civil status knowing that I am now the only single lady in the family, I just tend to shrug the whole thing and smile--though I can't help but murmur at the back of my head that the family has indeed grown, my cousins now have families complete with kids, my brother has a new girlfriend and, as sad, scary and silly as it could be quarter life crisis had started taking a toil on me.

It's not that I don't want to get married. Yes, I'd admit that at one point, I used to have fears about getting married--and the thing about being a once burned twice shy person, it isn't that easy for me to take the plunge ASAP. I've became more cautious about dating and being in another relationship. Yet as time passed, I got to see things in a different perspective. Of course, like anyone else, I also do want and hope for marriage to happen. It's just that I am taking things one at a time. Because like Mama and Papa, I would DEFINITELY want to experience a lasting relationship within the sanctity of the Sacrament of Matrimony just like theirs.

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