Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Ounce of Caution is Still The Best Way

Blogger faces libel charge filed by NBI.

This was the article that caught my interest in today's Metro page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Apparently, the National Bureau of Investigation is now on a hunt to bring forth to justice a certain John Doe blogger for the malicious entry the person wrote regarding the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the website Blog ni Ella.

As I write down this post, I also tried to check out that blog as well as Google regarding that controversial entry that still actually exists in the search engine.

Cyberspace has become a sort of freedom wall for a lot of people. As I see it, individuals nowadays think that the internet is comparable to a huge blank concrete where one's graffiti thoughts could be written--regardless of how destructive or derogatory it could be. Now, I'm not saying that I am not among them. I have been a blogger for five years. My Friendster account and personal blog is still existing though sadly I don't get to update that regularly because aside from other things, I have three other blogs where I write. And in a way I am at times guilty as charged of writing my angst against circumstances and even with people.

Going back to the article, I was given the chance to write a feature on blogs in one of the issues of Highlights last year. I raised there a point, it's not just about tinkering and posting an entry pronto. Being a blogger also entails responsibility and guts--a personality that's strong enough should one decide to tackle a very sensitive issue or a personal matter. It's just like being a Big Brother housemate as it has consequences and it includes being stripped of your own privacy; because once it circulates in the Web, people follow even if they don't personally know the writer.

I can't say that I have such enough amount of guts. In my five years of blogging, I have tackled some of my personal issues which I was supposed to keep to myself. I have been confronted by a person over it, had my relationship suffer due to it and was even advised by my mom over the whole thing. Sure do, I cry about the issue at times but then, I guess the thing also is that before I typed and published them, I have pondered about the whole subject, with full and concrete decision over what I will write and was ready to explain and defend if needed once people start to ask. In a way I also tried to play safe and refrain from getting into trouble because to simply put it, a libel case is no joke.

Besides, a blog that's full of angst and rage is not one idea of a good read. It would be stupid, pathetic even to visit a website that says it's a zone for those seeking solitude only to get an experience of the underworld because of the mad, revengeful posts. If that would be the case, then readers should just navigate to another page or better yet, I should change my blog title and the tag line.

I know I once questioned, if it's wrong to be cautious. But realized a few of those "cautious" measure won't hurt anyway.

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