Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Shoe Just Fits

Days before Christmas, I got this present for myself:

Bone-white colored shoes from Le Donne. It took me a snap to get this one. Days before the purchase, I was eyeing for a black pair of mules from Chelsea at SM Taytay (which is nearest mall to my location) unfortunately and unluckily for me, they don't have the size that would fit. So after a week, off I went to Sta. Lucia and got these instead.

At first I felt kind hesitant, but aside from the color, what made me luv this is the heels. Kinda girly actually--which I think is about time that I should be.

Yesterday, as I went off to SM Taytay, this one made it to my girly arsenal:

While I really didn't surrender my hopes on that Chelsea shoe that I really wanted badly, I found these on their shelves yesterday. Actually I have eyed on this a week before while I was window shopping and having a bonding moment with one of my nieces and thought, I'll return to get these cute pair. I did and I should say I love eeetttt!

Despite that I was having some cloudy thoughts over mom protesting that I'll be wearing heels, I also knew, I wanted to have this and that I want to look much ladylike now--something that hit me out of the blue when someone addressed me with a "Miss" in my surname last year--but that's another story for my other blog. Being 25 had taken me to some light--which, to the surprise of my family drives them to ask, what has gotten into me.

And it includes this.

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