Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The (Good) Thing About Rescheduling

As of this writing, I am trying to win against my allergy again. And supposedly, I should be off to an appointment this afternoon. An appointment relied to me by my mom yesterday as I arrived home from visiting my alma mater. Yes, I was of course excited yet uncertain because mom herself was also unsure if she heard the information right including the venue and the time for the appointment.

And so this morning, I decided to send a message to the person concerned to confirm that I will attend only to be informed that the appointment will be rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Now, there had been instances lately that some of the things and events that I expect to happen gets to be postponed or perhaps rescheduled for a later date. Some if not most of the instances do me a favor and lets me breathe a little sigh of relief such as:

  • The bloggers' event that I attended three weeks ago was supposed to be on January 23 but it was moved to January 25. In a way, I am thankful as a few days back, the kinda clumsy me met a minor accident and with the postponement of the event, it gave enough time for the wounds to heal and it made me ready, up and going when the event finally pushed through.
  • While I joined the promo of MMLDC for Valentine's Day, I can't say I am unlucky for not have won the prize (dinner for two on Valentine's eve) because if I did, it will give me another concern on who am I going to tag along for a "date".
  • And this time, when the appointment was postponed for tomorrow, it is giving me a favor because for one, this allergy will possibly hamper the meeting. At with the new schedule, I can have time to do things related to the appointment and the backlogs which include having my new photo taken, my resume printed, my two pending articles drafted and prepare for the meeting tomorrow.

Not to forget, having this allergic rhinitis treated and I'd be able to have my face mask finally applied tonight! And I'm doing it for the first time. Vanity? I don't think so. For the sake of beauty? probably.

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