Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Need A Larger Make-Up Bag

Surprisingly yes! You saw it right. I'm happy to admit that I am wearing make-up now. For the longest time ever, I have known myself to be real late bloomer. In all sense of the world, While I know and am sure I am a girl, there was one thing I doesn't seem to like--make up.

Yes. Back in highschool, while all my classmates were prettifying themselves at age 13, I on the other hand only wear cosmetics during occasions--weddings of relatives, prom night and graduation day. And it continued until college. Back in the university, I remember three occasions with myself in make-up: during a presentation, graduation pictorial and on the graduation day itself.

But things started to change last year. I suppose going through a break-up is a blessing in some ways. One time while having this evening in the mall, I was approached by someone to ask if I'd like a makeover. I thought it will be a great idea so I decided to give it a try.

It seemed to be the start of a big transformation. Nowadays, my bag is filled with these beauty goodies. Converting my bag from an ordinary lugging stuff to a loot bag of colorful palettes. Unfortunately, I need a larger storage for these girly things. But I enjoyed doing my own make-up now though I still try to keep it simple. And people around me get surprised too because just like me, they aren't so used to seeing me in a new hairstyle and with a touch-up of color on.

These days, with my usual pen, notebook, phone and ID, I lug with me a lipgloss, lipstick (I have two different brands of the same shade), liquid foundation, wipes that are useful in removing make-up, eyeshadow and a liquid blush (that PrettyWhenPinched from Bench makes me giddy!) And it feels good to walk around knowing that being transformed is among the best things that can happen to me.

Indeed, a woman's best revenge is to be beautiful. And the other thing, a good looking man is one valid inspiration for a woman to look good too. I agree to that!

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