Monday, February 22, 2010


Since the past week, I have been thinking about posting this funny, a bit inspiring post. During one of my me moments, I playfully listed (written on a fast food receipt) some things that are either common between him and me. Some things that are actually like funny coincidences and found these:

He loves this float. In a way, whenever my nerves are getting all cranky, this one gives me some soothing relief, cure for my sweet tooth and if in case I want to have that giddy feeling of being a child again enjoying sundae but with soda in it. And with him on the sidelines, there's a little more reason for the float to be sweeter and much more enjoyable :-p (but not to the point that it's going to give me diabetes!)

Glee. Surprisingly, while he's got a nice voice (and I would want to hear him sing) he told me that he liked a rendition of a 70's song that was included in this musical comedy. I can actually see him to be the Pinoy version of one of the characters, that bad-boy, antipatiko-looking crooner Noah "Puck" Puckerman.

But the one thing that caught me by surprise when I study about those similarities? This:

Thus I'm trying to veer away from anything about this man pictured above. Because quietly, over the past weeks I found out he's got some similarities to hunk-y Derek Ramsey. And there was something I confessed to one of my friends about it (wink!, wink!).

There still are a lot that I found out but, I'd trim them down to these. Now I'm off to get a few minutes of nap. Maybe I'm just sleepy. See you later.

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