Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things Are Indeed Turning

Finally, after 13 years since I graduated from gradeschool, I met up with one of my best friends Barbie. While I find it giddy because we we're meeting up to see a modista to get the measurements for her upcoming wedding, I find it a bit funny because as we saw each other, I remember Barbie telling me, "grabe ganito pa ang pagkikita natin."

Surprising indeed. It took 13 years before this reunion and she's getting hitched. But I think that doesn't make not much difference now (okay, aside for the fact that I am among those few single species standing and waiting in line). Some of my colleagues status wise have changed their last names as most of them are now Mrs. Charming because the Prince had landed to sweep them off their feet and they became princesses or queens who knocked Prince Charming off his socks :-p

And as I type this down, I remembered the email sent to me by one of my colleagues back then during my days working in a not-so-posh Makati office regarding Peter Pan Syndrome.

Now, I don't plan to be into eternal childhood mode but as I read back that email and try to think about this day's events it dawned on me that:

"You know you're growing up when your [weekend] itinerary includes baptisms, weddings and bridal showers of people not related to you."

Ouch! While Barbie might not be a closely-knit relative, she's after all, my grade school best friend. And realizing that she's soon to end her days as a sassy bachelorette, it's also telling me that I am seriously, growing old. Things are really different as they are turning; and it seems to be turning fast. While I have little concerns about going through quarter life crisis earlier than expected, it's something I have to bear with -- regardless if I want it or not.

Okay, enough of the ranting or else this good-looking lawyer-to-be will hit on me by saying I'm so idealistic. On the other hand, I can't be more than any happier for Barbie especially now that she's about to tie the knot. At the back of my head, I was yelling "oh yeah! another wedding, another blushing bride!" As for me, I'm on the third strike of being a bridesmaid. And I don't see anything wrong with it.

Because I know I'll soon trip Mr. Charming and knock him off his feet -- and socks too! =)

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