Thursday, March 25, 2010

Away Again....Naturally!

Because I was invited to join the Academic Services team of MMLDC for the School Based Management Development Project (SBMDP) Impact study I was unable to update my what abouts. Preparations started to roll since Monday with a meeting then the fieldwork days which we're following now. As of today, I had my free time and so I am trying to update.

I know I wrote about my Tagaytay adventure last year and likewise it's also related to the SBM project. You're dying to know what am I doing there? The deal is this: we visit schools to conduct assessment studies in line with the SBM Project by doing one-on-one interviews with people on the state (not of the nation) but of their respective schools.

Since I don't want to expose the side of me during tiring workdays, I'll just post other photos instead like this one.

Actually, these guys share a dose of toxic periods with us.

I'm here with Mylene Mangilit and Chardel Lucena of ABS CBN Foundation. These ladies were also with us in Tgaytay last August. This year, our location is in public schools in Antipolo. This photo was taken at Marcelino National Highschool. It's actually the first time for me to explore the rural area of what is actually a city in Rizal. With the rough roads and ravines, the drive to the school reminds me of two places: dad's hometown in Quezon and the Kennon Road in Baguio City. For two days we have visited four schools as two schools are scheduled to be visited per day.

In pink again? That pink shirt of mine is so notorious na ha!

And during our visit at Antipolo National Highschool yesterday (they got a huge number of student population guys! 10,000 students are in the said school), just when I thought it's all about work, and interviews, look at the surprise that I got! There I met Lito Palomar. He used to be my research instructor in college and with this little surprise, it's a reunion of some sorts since he was the second editor-in-chief and I became the seventh--just five years after his term. He's now happily married to one of the publication's former section editors.

What could be so funny in front of the screen? And again, I'm wearing pink!

After the end of a tiring day, I get the chance to take a break too. While Joy Cabaltera thought I was in a different planet, I am still on Earth. Here I am in Chardel's bed logged in Facebook. Kayen De Vera's laptop and Mylene's Plug-It was heavent sent (as it saved me from withdrawal symptoms). There are two "firsts" for me this time. Because of the tight schedule that we have to adhere with, I had to stay at the Residence Hall of MMLDC last Tuesday night in preparation for the following day. FACT: I have dfficulty in sleeping soundly when I am spending the night in different places and sleeping on a different bed but for the first time last Tuesday night I really had a full night's restful sleep. I'd like to associate that with the warm, comfy comforter and the melatonin supplement that I took hours before bed to induce sleep. I suppose I'll always have that handy every trip that I have. It works for me.

There's still a third part of the impact study tomorrow and on April 5th. And though it'll be interview sessions again, I still look forward to that. I remember telling somebody that while I knew I am not good at probing on questions and answers, I think I'm learning how to do it now.

But for tonight I'll have dinner first as I need to make bawi.

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