Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bring Me to Vegas!

I'm sorry, I just can't help it. I am still engrossed to that book. Thus today browsing on the Net, I tried to check out the places Vince mentioned on the third installation of his novel.

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I've never flown to any destination locally much more abroad. And just so by reading, I get to travel in a way or two with my mind--for free. This time around, with the help of that purple book. I'm off to Las Vegas. Pictured above is the night shot of Las Vegas Strip. No wonder with the lights, the Sin City is mesmerizing to high rollers.

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Even the McCarran International Airport has slot machines. What a way to say welcome to Las Vegas, eh?

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And this is the Bellagio. The place where Ocean's Eleven was shot. and the fountains--might be as well really like clockwork.

So this is how the Stratosphere looks like. Looking at the top, probably the pink lights is where the observation deck is-- that's where the height of the story happened. And while I am suffering from acrophobia, I won't mind the dizzying height of being 151 floors up in exchange of the thrill of seeing the whole 360 view of Las Vegas.

And while I am no gambler, I've got a clearer of view now of what Las Vegas is like. I loved the adventure trip. Yet, there are two things I am not planning to do when I get the chance to be there--get married and casino hopping.

But I would love to walk along The Strip behind the bewildering neon lights, watch the fountains at Bellagio and experience the view of the Stratosphere.

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