Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Amazing Finale to the Vince's Life Trilogy

So, yesterday, I almost ended the book debate that has been running through my head for days. Apparently, I was in a bit of uncertainty over what book to pick and eventually read since there were two new books out now. 40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez which I am a huge fan of and Vince's Life: The Wedding.

Although I was unable to read the first two books, I gave it a shot and bought this one yesterday. Surprisingly it just took me six hours to read, immerse and savor the whole story. Six hours filled with giddy feeling, and a great way to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas without having to pay much for a plane ticket ( despite that according to the book it's dirt cheap nowadays!) and leaving the comfort of your house or your bed.

The story's transition is so quick but the flow of events will really leave you hooked; you would want to turn the page fast or even skip some (I religiously, patiently absorbed every page) to know how the story ended. It will make you laugh, think and even cry too. I agree to what Frances said in her blog; this book will really leave you glued on what's going to happen next. You won't put the book down I tell you. If you're looking for a great read especially during these lazy, El Niño-stricken afternoons, I recommend that you guys and gals get a copy of this book. Experience the fun, zany, kilig side of the L world from a guy's POV.

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Aurora M. Suarez said...

Hi, Glaiza.

We're so happy that you enjoyed Vince's Life: The Wedding. If you would like to read other Summit Books, please check out

All the best,
Aurora M. Suarez
Summit Books

GLAIZA said...

Hi Ms. Suarez! It's a surprise to have Summit Books' publisher as my visitor! I was unable to read the first two but I enjoyed reading the third book. Hopefully, I get to meet the author in the near future to tell him what a genius he is.