Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's Work Without Food?

Among the things I like about my job aside from being able to meet people is traveling and above all, food. Second to a well-deserved rest and sleep, food is the best reward one can receive after being able to perform a job well done at the end of the day. During the second day of the SBM Project, just before a free Thursday break, Ms. Joji Mañalac, one of the program officers of MMLDC took the crew to Hap Chan Tea House which has a branch in Antipolo City for a debriefing and early dinner.

Upon settling ourselves at our respective table, the waiter arrived with two pots of freshly-brewed tea. This was my little cup which I consumed in about three minutes. The taste was great and while tea is considered high in caffeine, I don't think Hap Chan's tea doesn't contain too much of it--as the smell is not so pungent (read: matapang) compared to the commercial, store- brought black tea. I wish I could still have more but then realizing that it was already 5pm and the effect of caffeine in humans last for eight hours, I passed for additional cups.

I'm huge addict of dimsum. And among my normal staples would be this--siomai! This one's shrimp siomai supposedly in fours but Chardel decided to get one and give it a try. Now, I've tried the same dish in different restaurants (including Hen Lin and Chowking) but this one's a winner second to the latter. I was supposed to ask the significance of the paper in the container but too bad, the waiter already left after serving us this dish. So if any of my readers do know, please leave me a comment.

My plate with yang Chow rice and lemon chicken. This just looks full but actually I only took a few serving in trying the dishes we ordered. What else can I say? The Yang Chow rice is heavenly the same way with the lemon chicken. I just savored the food in silence but deep within I waws saying "hay, ang sarap! sobra! ." I hardly cannot talk :-p. We also ordered Beef and brocholli and crispy noodles.

The dinner was indeed worth every penny. The food was yummy and really filling. But then, noticing that I am binging into different dishes the past few days, I'm starting to be worried again as I have to look fab in a gown for a scheduled wedding on April. But still, I will recommend this restaurant to those who are looking for hearty, yummy yet affordable Chinese food.

For the list of other Hap Chan branches near your area, you can also check out

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